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Water and health advocate Sharon Kleyne adds a "W" for fresh water to "four C's of skin care"

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Water and health advocate Sharon Kleyne adds a "W" for fresh water to "four C's of skin care"

Of four categories identified as important to skin health and beauty - connections, climate, career and care - all benefit from increased fresh water reports radio host

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A recent survey found that the most important factors perceived by United States women as impacting skin health and beauty were: "Connections," "climate," "career" and "care" - the "Four C's of skin care." Water and health advocate and radio host Sharon Kleyne agrees with the conclusions in a recent article describing the survey and the Four C's.* Kleyne notes, however, that in her experience, every item in every category discussed would benefit from paying attention to one's daily fresh water intake.

Water and health advocate Sharon Kleyne adds a

* "Eucerin skin survey uncovers the new four 'C's' of skin health," Business Wire (via Yahoo Finance), December 8, 2014;_ylt=AwrTWf2haodUZjUA0wzQtDMD

The syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour™ Power of Water® radio show, hosted by fresh water advocate Sharon Kleyne, is heard weekly on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes. The show is sponsored by Bio-Logic Aqua® Research, a global research and technology center founded by Kleyne and specializing in fresh water, the atmosphere and dehydration. Nature's Mist® is the Research Center's signature Hand Held Portable Personal Misting Humidifier™ for dry and dehydrated skin.

Kleyne will discuss skin care and dehydration on her Sharon Kleyne Hour™ Power of Water® radio broadcast of December 15, 2014 (Live show or podcast:

The survey, sponsored by Eucerin skin lotion, included 1,000 US mothers, ages 24 to 54 with children under 18. Questions dealt with skin care practices and perceptions. The "Four C's" resulted from an interpretation of the survey results by Eucerin. .

The article's first "C" is family and social "Connections," which includes dietary habits, sleep, hormones, genetics and products used. Fresh water is relevant to this category, according to Kleyne, because the human body is 70 percent water and every organ and cell requires a constant supply of new water to function properly and remain healthy. Skin is also about 70 percent water. The official US Government Nutrition Chart, Kleyne notes, does not include water and should.

The second "C" is "Climate" or personal habitat. The importance of climate, Kleyne notes, goes well beyond exposure to solar radiation. Skin and eyes absorb a surprising amount of their daily water requirements directly from the water vapor or humidity in the atmosphere. When air is dry or polluted, skin and eyes can also lose water to surface evaporation and become dehydrated. Rooms with forced air heating and cooling, and insulated walls and windows can also be dehydrating to skin and eyes.

Cold weather, says Kleyne, is more dehydrating to skin than warm weather because cold air can't hold as much water vapor as warm air. Wind is also dehydrating - especially cold wind.

The third "C" is "Career," which for most people is the single largest source of stress, which is widely acknowledged as not good for skin. Stress can definitely cause skin problems, according to Kleyne. In addition, dehydration or too little water intake can cause both stress and skin problems. Stress and dehydration also weaken the immune system, resulting in symptoms such as dry skin, adult acne, poor sleep, low productivity, allergies, colds and more.

The fourth "C" is skin "Care," the products and routines used to help skin. The primary areas of concern are face and hands. The lack of education about the role of skin "moisturizer" lotions has always concerned Kleyne. Skin "moisturizers," according to Kleyne, are actually moisture barriers that seal in existing skin water but to not add water to dry skin. The product Nature's Mist®, from Kleyne's Bio-Logic Aqua Research, is ideal for instantly re-hydrating dry skin prior to applying a moisture sealer.

Kleyne's water recommendations for healthy skin: Drink eight glasses of fresh water per day in addition to all other fluid intake. Begin each day with two full glasses upon rising. Avoid drinks with caffeine, alcohol or excessive sugar, which are dehydrating. Consume water in full glasses rather than sipping, beginning with two upon rising. Children ten or under should drink half their body weight in ounces per day.

Kleyne also recommends long luxuriant baths for improving skin moisture content, and indoor humidity control (which should be 40 to 60 percent).

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