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Dry Eye Prevention and the Tear Film

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Press release - March 9, 2012

Sharon Kleyne Announces New Effort to Educate the Public about Dry Eye Prevention and the Tear Film

With Dry Eye Increasing Worldwide, says Bio-Logic Aqua Research Founder, Public Must Be Better Informed about the Tear Film's Importance in Dry Eye Prevention

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Water and Health Advocate Sharon Kleyne today announced a renewed effort to improve public education about the importance and proper care of the tear film as a first step in preventing dry eye syndrome, which is becoming a serious global epidemic. Mrs. Kleyne is founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, Inc. and host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio talk show.

Dry Eye Prevention and the Tear Film

The new effort includes interviews with leading guest experts on her radio talk show, new material made available on company websites and blogs, and press announcements.

According to the Medical Team at Sharon Kleyne's Bio-Logic Aqua Research organization (Mathers, 2005), dry eye discomfort occurs when too much water is lost (usually to evaporation) from the protective natural tear film that covers the eye's exposed portions (the cornea and sclera).

Dry eye, Mrs. Kleyne explains, is becoming increasingly widespread due to global climate and temperature change, diet, widespread computer use, air pollution, and "climate controlled" indoor environments. These can contribute to excessive water evaporation from the tear film's "aqueous" layer, resulting in dry eye symptoms.

To prevent dry eye symptoms, Mrs. Kleyne believes that every individual should know the following about the critical role of the tear film in vision. (Mathers, 2005):

The tear film is a complex structure with three layers: (1) The thin "lipid" layer is an overlying film of oil and fat. (2) The middle "aqueous" layer is much thicker and 99% water but also contains salt, antibodies, beneficial proteins, growth hormones, etc. (3) The "mucin" layer is a thin bottom layer of mucous adheres the tear film to the ocular surface.

The tear film provides clear refractive properties to the cornea. The tear film constitutes the eye's primary refractive (light bending) structure and contributes the majority of the eye's dioptric (a measure of refractive ability) capacity. To maintain clear vision, the tear film must be continually replenished by the tear and lipid glands.

The tear film protects the surface of the epithelial membrane that covers the cornea and sclera. The delicate epithelial cells are exposed to irritating airborne particles, dust, bacteria, chemicals and liquids that must be flushed out. Maintaining a properly moistened and protected membrane requires continuous tear production, since evaporation can occur whenever the eye is open.

The tear film provides oxygen and nutrition to the cornea and epithelium. Although the cornea and epithelium are composed of live cells, there is no blood circulation because the cells must be clear enough to transmit light.

The tear film's fatty oils (lipids) lubricate the eyelids and slow moisture evaporation. The oil, produced in tiny glands in the eyelids, prevents the constant eyelid motion from irritating the cornea or eyelid. The oil also helps prevent water evaporation from the underlying and much thicker aqueous layer.

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Reference: Mathers, WD, MD, Tear Film and Treatment of Dry Eye Disease, Bio-Logic Aqua Research, 2005.

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