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Power of WaterŪ Radio Show Announces World's Most Valuable Commodity - Water.

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Press release - Press release - June 27, 2013

Power of Water® Radio Show Announces World's Most Valuable Commodity - Water.

VoiceAmerica Radio Show Explores Water from Dehydration to Water Wars to Humidity to Lawns

Hear the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water on Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes

The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® show, on VoiceAmerica Internet radio, has announced that the world's most valuable commodity is - water. The show's objective is to explore all aspects of water with listeners and guest experts, and to provide a fresh global perspective on this fundamental commodity. Since 2007, the weekly radio talk show's more than 500 guests have provided education about topics such as human physical dehydration, the role of water in aging and disease, global water wars, organic and dry land farming, water quality, humidity and the atmosphere, the solar system, water vapor and even lawn watering.

Sharon Kleyne believes that all aging and disease ultimately links to water.

"I started the VoiceAmerica show," explains Kleyne, "because I was concerned that people are forgetting the true importance of the power of water. Water is the basis of all life on Earth. Without water and humidity/water vapor, life as we know it would dry up and vanish."

Kleyne notes that in the United States, chronic dehydration is widespread. Worldwide, 5,000 children die each day from diseases related to fresh water. It is reported that 1.6 billion people in the world lack sufficient and sanitary fresh water. The availability of fresh water is the basis for all economic growth and has been responsible for countless water wars. According to show guest Steven Solomon, author of Water the Epic Struggle, "water is the new oil."

A frequent guest, DeWayne Cecil, PhD, global climatologist in research with NASA and NOAA, has talked to Kleyne's listeners about climate change cycles, agricultural patterns, global changes in the air's water vapor, water in the atmosphere and rocks on the moon and Mars, the influence of water on the solar system and much more.

Mrs. Kleyne's water research company, Bio-Logic Aqua Research, has focused on the water content of the eyes' protective tear film covering, particularly the "aqueous" or water layer. The surface of the eye is 98% water and a slight decrease in water content can lead to dry eye and many other eye conditions. Ophthalmologist Marguerite McDonald, MD, who performed the world's first laser eye surgery, advised listeners that keeping the tear film's aqueous layer well hydrated is critical to preventing dry eye and tear film dehydration. Dr. McDonald recommends the Bio-Logic Aqua Research product Nature's Tears® Eyemist® for her patients.

Sharon Kleyne's objective for the VoiceAmerica offering is to continue educating and reminding listeners about the power of water in every aspect of life on Earth. Kleyne's vision is for the world to become more aware of the power of water and for people everywhere to learn to listen for "the invisible water vapor, the breath of life essential to survival, health and wellness."

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® is heard weekly on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel and Health and Wellness Channel, and on Apple iTunes. Past shows may be heard in podcast at VoiceAmerica, Apple iTunes, and

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