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Affordable Health Care

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Press release - Press release - March 28, 2012

Affordable Health Care Suggestions from Health Advocate Sharon Kleyne - the Answer to ObamaCare

Proactive Self-Help will Save Money and Improve Health, Says Bio-Logic Aqua Research Founder

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With the national debate over the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care), and the rising cost of medical services, health advocate Sharon Kleyne is concerned that too many people rely solely on their doctors to make health choices for them.

Affordable Health Care

Sharon Kleyne is founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, Inc. and host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio talk show.

Mrs. Kleyne's personal mission, in her business, on her radio show, in her writings and in personal appearances, is to encourage everyone to develop a personal program of health education and proactive self-help. This approach, she believes, could save billions of dollars in health care expenses."

"When health symptoms arise," Mrs. Kleyne explains, "before running to the medicine cabinet, try to learn everything you can about the symptoms. Often, they can be treated through diet and lifestyle changes. If you do go to the doctor, be fully prepared, consider the doctor as a consultant, and take full responsibility for treatment decisions."

The good news, according to Mrs. Kleyne, is that if you begin each day with an attitude that you will do everything in your power during that day to make yourself healthier, you shouldn't have to run to the medicine cabinet nearly as often and should spend considerably less money on health care.

"No two people are alike," Sharon Kleyne explains, "and your doctor has no way of knowing, for example, if you get enough sleep, are under high stress, work in an office with poor lighting, can't tolerate broccoli, have adult ADHD, forget to take medication, or tend to self-medicate excessively."

Most doctors (but not all) are extremely pressed for time and frequently rely on you to volunteer important details (a personal health log can be invaluable for this). "Nobody knows your own body better than you," says Mrs. Kleyne. "That's why medical treatment plans should never flow from doctor to patient but should be a joint decision tailored to your personal needs and peculiarities."

Proactive self-help, according to Sharon Kleyne, begins when you get up each morning. "I like to view myself as in training for the Personal Health Olympics," she says, "and every morning is the day of the big race."

The first thing Mrs. Kleyne does when she gets up is drink a large glasses of warm water because she has learned that the human body dehydrates during sleep. After that, she follows a daily program of healthy eating (tailored to her own nutritional needs) and drinking at least eight glasses of water per day (some people require more). She considers exercise, stress reduction and adequate sleep to be essential. Also essential is the knowledge, at the end of each day, that she accomplished something worthwhile.

Mrs. Kleyne advocates maintaining a daily log of sleep, exercise, food intake, medications and physical complaints and bringing the log with you, along with a list of questions, when you see the doctor.

A major concern of Mrs. Kleyne's is the overuse of medication. "For example," she says, "the best energy drink by far is water. It is also the healthiest, most natural and cheapest. There is no reason to spend money on drinks that supply fake energy when water is free and available."

Mrs. Kleyne also advocates freedom of choice for self-education. "There's a wealth of information on lifestyle, diet and health on my company's website (," she states. "There are also numerous excellent medical websites, alternative medicine websites and diet and exercise websites, plus many fantastic books. In the Information Age, educating yourself has never been easier."

The website for the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show ( contains archived on-demand replays and printable summaries of Sharon Kleyne's interviews with hundreds of leading health care authorities. She syndicated show is broadcast live Mondays at 10 a.m., PST/PDT, on Voice America/World Talk Radio, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes. Also visit,, "Nature's Tears EyeMist" on Facebook and "Bio-Logic Aqua" on Twitter.

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