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Sharon Kleyne - About the Host

Sharon Kleyne is Founder and Research Director of Bio-Logic Aqua, the only company dedicated to the technology of all-natural pure water moisturizing. This became her lifelong mission after discovering that the Earth's environment is becoming dryer and more polluted, resulting in a global health crisis of dehydration symptoms and diseases. She is concerned that the life or death importance of water to health is being overlooked.

Her discoveries, breakthrough products and global business in water therapy and personal moisture supplementation, resulted in the first U.S. patent on the technology of pure water applied as a fine mist to improve eye moisture.

Sharon Kleyne has lectured, given TV, radio and print interviews, published in professional journals and written dozens of articles. She is Founder of Save a Child's Life Foundation to combat pediatric melanoma. Awards and honors include the Ronald Reagan Medal (twice) and the Shriners Humanitarian Award.

Sharon Kleyne