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Vegan Diet and Cancer Survival

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A Cancer Survivor and MD talks about Cancer Prevention, All-Natural Health, Wellness and Water

Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water interviews Dr. Lorraine Day about an all-natural, proactive approach to cancer treatment and prevention.

Day, Lorraine, MD, Cancer Doesn't Scare me Anymore, Rockford Press, 2001

As a cancer patient, Dr. Lorraine Day faced disfiguring surgeries and harsh chemotherapy. As a medical doctor, she concluded that most MD's lack adequate knowledge of the causes of disease and all-natural health and wellness, and the benefits of a vegan diet. In developing her own treatment plan, she chose to become proactive and not rely on doctors beyond examination and diagnosis.

During a May 2, 2011 interview with Sharon Kleyne, Dr. Day expressed her belief that far too much modern medical treatment, especially cancer prevention and treatment, is symptomatic and artificial rather than being holistic ("whole body" or integrative) and all-natural. She believes that many prescription medicines do more harm than good.

Dr. Day suggested that some doctors may be invested in keeping their patients unwell. During medical school, they tend to be rewarded at every level for not questioning the establishment.

Dr. Day's book lists a dozen steps to prevent or treat cancer, based on proactive, all-natural vegan diet, nutrition, lifestyle and common sense:

  1. DRINK WATER! The body needs water to transport nutrients to healthy cells and to excrete toxins. There should be a minimum of 10-12 glasses per day. We lose 10 glasses of water from our body every day, just by living - it is imperative to replace the water losses.
  2. Proper nutrition - explains what the patient should and should not eat. A vegan diet of fruit, grains and vegetables in their most natural state is recommended - 75% is eaten raw - and excludes all meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs, sugar and refined foods.
  3. When Day was sick, in addition to her vegan vegetarian diet of 3 meals a day, she drank 8 glasses of freshly made carrot juice, 4 glasses of fresh green leafy vegetable juice and 1 glass of fresh orange juice.
  4. Elimination of stimulants includes sugar, tobacco, alcohol, street drugs, drug medications, monosodium glutamate, aspartame and other sugar substitutes, and caffeine (which dehydrates the body).
  5. Exercise - we must do exercise that is enjoyable.
  6. Sunlight exposure - we need sunlight in order to boost our immune system. An hour a day is recommended, preferably in the early morning. Proper nutrition will protect against skin cancer from solar radiation, and sunlight is claimed to actually decrease the size of internal cancer tumors.
  7. Temperance - Avoid unhealthy habits.
  8. Fresh air - we need a fresh air environment because cancer grows faster when a person breathes re-circulated indoor air.
  9. Proper rest at proper time - we have to rest at a proper time as this is when our immune systems are most active.
  10. Stress relief - we require time to relax, especially after stressful work.
  11. Attitude of gratitude - thinking positively and being happy makes healing more effective.
  12. Spiritual benevolence - do what is good and right not only to yourselves but to others.

The first step in wellness is to realize that all animal based foods (including meat, diary, fish and seafood) promote cancer. So do refined and processed foods, especially high sugar foods. Dr. Day noted that sunlight does not cause skin cancer and that in 1900, people spent 75% of their time outdoors and nobody got skin cancer.

The answer lies in diet, nutrition and lifestyle, which is especially important in light of our changing and ever less healthy environment. Dr. Day is a vegan and does not eat processed foods. During her cancer treatment, she refused radiation, chemotherapy and mastectomy. She worked on her attitude, got more sunlight and exercise and lowered her stress level and blood pressure.

She also drank more water since you lose ten glasses of water a day just by standing around. Caffeine makes this much worse as do many medications. Energy drinks are especially bad.

Regarding exercise, you can reduce your risk of breast cancer 66% by exercising four hours a week. Among many benefits, exercise improves waste elimination and stimulated peristalsis in the colon. It also improves circulation.

Dr. Day is now cancer free.

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