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Sharon Kleyne Hour - Archive 2018

December 2018

12/31/2018 Listen Now

Encore: Water, Health and Hado Vibrational Therapy

12/24/2018 Listen Now

Encore: Dave Dahl, creator and purveyor of Dave's Killer Bread for more info go to: Sustaining the Blue Planet: Global Water education Conference:

12/17/2018 Listen Now

Water, Health and Hado Vibrational Therapy

12/10/2018 Listen Now

International Water Affairs - Water Ambassador Henk Ovink

12/3/2018 Listen Now

Women's health Thermography Listen Now

November 2018

11/26/2018 Listen Now

Messages from the Masters

11/19/2018 Listen Now

Using Mass Media to Educate and Enpower the Public about Better Health

11/12/2018 Listen Now

Encore: People-Centered Internet - Equality, Access and Human Well-being

11/5/2018 Listen Now

Liquid Face Life Listen Now

October 2018

10/29/2018 Listen Now

Intellectual Property Protection in Biopharmaceutical Industry

10/22/2018 Listen Now

Encore: The Sharon Kleyne Hour

10/15/2018 Listen Now

Healing the World Music - Medical Musical Group

10/8/2018 Listen Now

People-Centered Internet - Equality, Access and Human Well-being

10/1/2018 Listen Now

Integrate Mind-body for Self Healing Listen Now

September 2018

9/24/2018 Listen Now

Awakening Somatic Intelligence to Reduce and Heal Illness, Stress

9/17/2018 Listen Now

The Power of Natural Healing

9/10/2018 Listen Now

Wellness Cruise - sharing nature healing around the world Listen Now

August 2018

8/27/2018 Listen Now

Overcome the obstacles to better health

8/20/2018 Listen Now

Encore: 4th-Phase of Water and Your Health with Dr. Gerald Pollack

8/13/2018 Listen Now

Eye Fatigue - Dangers and Prevention

8/6/2018 Listen Now

Herb and Drug Interactions Listen Now

July 2018

7/30/2018 Listen Now

Montero Medical Missions Humanitarian efforts

7/23/2018 Listen Now

Health and Public Policy

7/16/2018 Listen Now

Human longevity - Living beyond your years

7/9/2018 Listen Now

Water, Essential Element of Health

7/2/2018 Listen Now

The Internet of Things - IoT Listen Now

June 2018

6/25/2018 Listen Now

4th-Phase of Water and Your Health with Dr. Gerald Pollack

6/18/2018 Listen Now

Encore: The Sharon Kleyne Hour

6/11/2018 Listen Now

Sharon Kleyne Hour welcomes Dr. Mark Davis Listen Now

May 2018

5/21/2018 Listen Now

Special Encore: 10/28/13 Qi focus to improve water use

5/7/2018 Listen Now

Encore: 3/25/13 Earth and World Water Day with Robert Weir Listen Now

April 2018

4/9/2018 Listen Now

Encore: Dr Fang Yuan

4/2/2018 Listen Now

Encore: 3/20/17 Patrick McKeown. Irish Breathing expert Listen Now

3/19/2018 Listen Now

Encore: A Celebration of Dr Effie Chow

March 2018

3/12/2018 Listen Now

Encore: World Water Crisis, Current Crisis areas, Jerry's Pending trip Jerry Wiles, President of Living Water International

3/5/2018 Listen Now

Encore: Alternative healing in Modern China Listen Now

February 2018

2/26/2018 Listen Now

Encore: Healing Arts with Dr. Chow

2/19/2018 Listen Now

Encore: The Sharon Kleyne Hour with guest Dr. Mary Wingo

2/12/2018 Listen Now

Encore: Water and Health Listen Now

January 2018

1/29/2018 Listen Now

Encore: Dr. David Katz, Make your Body Disease Proof

1/22/2018 Listen Now

Special Encore: Drinking Water to Prevent or Reverse Cataracts Coming Soon

1/15/2018 Listen Now

Special Encore: Healing the Eye Wellness Center Coming Soon

1/8/2018 Listen Now

Natural Vision Improvement Coming Soon