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New Research on Computer Eye Strain and Dry Eye - Get Educated on Apple iTunes and World Talk Radio

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 19, 2011
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Sharon Kleyne, Internet Radio Talk Show host and Nature's Tears® EyeMist® Inventor, Interviews Leading Experts about Computer Eye Strain and Dry Eye

Computers and Other Electronic Devices Can Affect Eye Health and Lead to Serious Dry Eye Symptoms and Blindness

Computer eye strain - a crisis in education.

Computer eye strain (also called "computer vision syndrome," "CVS" and "computer dry eye") is a frequent topic on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water Internet radio talk show. If no steps are taken to alleviate the problem, according to Sharon Kleyne, computer eye strain can lead to severe dry eye symptoms and diminished productivity. Computers are becoming an increasing cause of disability and a major public health crisis.

"The best ways to prevent computer eye strain," says Mrs. Kleyne, "is to educate yourself about the condition and be aggressively proactive in protecting yourself. Nearly all eye care experts agree on the importance of education and proactive protection."

Kleyne's personal mission is to provide that education.

Her syndicated talk show, the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, is broadcast on Internet radio to millions of computer users worldwide. The show may be heard live or in podcast on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes.

Nature's Tears EyeMist, Sharon Kleyne's breakthrough product to naturally humidify dry eyes, is available on under "Computer Accessories."

Following material is a compilation of computer eye strain and dry eye information from Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water guests, including Marguerite McDonald, MD (interviewed 6-1-09); Robert Latkany, MD (10-8-07 and 7-30-07); Larry Wan, MD (9-14-09), Orbis International (2-11-08), InfantSee (4-28-08), Rebecca Petris (6-27-11), Maya Dolena (7-24-07), Ijose Adetutu (11-9-09) and Marge Wingler (3-19-07).

Computers are dehydrating.

Extended computer use can definitely cause eye problems. Symptoms may include itching and burning eyes, light sensitivity, temporarily blurred vision, frequent headaches, "tired eyes," difficulty sleeping increased allergies.

These are also symptoms of a disease called "dry eye syndrome." Using a computer dries out your eyes. Just staring at the bright light of a computer screen can cause tear film dehydration. Eyes also lose water because working at a computer can cause the eyes' reflexive "blink rate" to drop dramatically (from 30 times a minute down to five). Office environments with forced-air heating and cooling, fluorescent lighting and insulated walls and windows also contribute. Other contributing factors include not drinking enough water, poor diet and nutrition choices, and too much sugar (Lorraine Day, MD, another Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water guest, advocates a vegan diet for improved eye health).

Ignoring these symptoms can lead to chronic dry eye disease, loss of ability to work at a computer, corneal ulceration, permanent visual impairment.

Minimizing or preventing computer eye strain.

For a comprehensive list of tips on proactive steps to minimize or prevent computer eye strain, go to

Nature's Tears EyeMist.

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Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water.

Listen to the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water Mondays, 10 a.m., PST/PDT. The syndicated talk radio show is heard on Voice America/World Talk Radio, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes. Go to for written summaries and replays of past shows. Also visit,, "Nature's Tears EyeMist" on Facebook and "Bio-Logic Aqua" on Twitter.

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