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Mark Davis, MD, and the Millennium Diet

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Show Summary - July 18, 2011

Less Sugar and Fewer Carbohydrates to Lose Weight and Be Healthy

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water interviews Millennium Diet author Marc Davis, MD, about Diet, Nutrition, Health, Dehydration Disease and Dry Eye

Davis, M, MD, The Millenium Diet, Healthnets, 2010

On July 18, 2011, Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water talk show on World Talk Radio/Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes, spoke with Dr. Mark Davis about his best selling book, The Millennium Diet. The diet advocates a common sense approach to weight loss, emphasizing a balanced diet with a less sugar, and fewer carbohydrates and other "empty" calories.

Mrs. Kleyne also asked Dr. Davis's opinion on the new Obama Health Care Law, and about diet and nutrition to prevent dehydration diseases such as dry eye.

Mark Davis's primary concern about the Obama Health Care Law is that malpractice insurance rates are not addressed at all. Malpractice rates are rising everywhere at an alarming rate and drastically effect insurance costs. Malpractice insurance rates also impact quality of care. In North Carolina, there are virtually no OBGYN doctors because of the prohibitive cost of malpractice insurance.

Dr. Davis also noted that despite Canada's socialized medicine, their Prime Minister recently came to the United States for medical treatment because of much easier access due to the free market system.

They then discussed Dr. Davis's "Millenium Diet" and his best selling book by the same name. The diet is basically high protein and low calorie. It is a proactive diet to help slow aging and prevent long-term ailments such as macular degeneration and diabetes. Noting that 30% of children are now overweight, Dr. Davis described the Millennium Diet as, "a diet for good health for everyone."

Dr. Davis and the Millennium Diet advocate a diet rich in protein and fresh greens. The diet recommends chicken, fish and turkey with only a little lean red meat and nothing fried. Meat should be baked or broiled. The diet suggests one protein gram per body weight kilogram per day. Dr. Davis supports a wall-balanced vegan diet for those who choose it but his primary objective is to help everyone eat more productively, whether vegan or not.

Protein drinks (or any other drink) should not be carbonated or contain sugar. Dairy products should be eaten sparingly because of their high cholesterol. Despite TV ads to the contrary, Dr. Davis and the Millennium Diet do not recommend high fructose corn syrup (and yes, your body does "know the difference").

The Millennium Diet recommends eight to ten glasses of water per day to avoid numerous preventable dehydration diseases such as dry eye.

Sharon asked about toxins and Dr. Davis noted that our bodies constantly pick up impurities that later need to be expelled. This can include mercury in fish, many bad substances that leach into water pipes, medical wastes, volatile chemicals from plastic water bottles, etc.

Sharon also pointed out that water is used to process many foods and that this water can be a critical element in food safety. Dr. Davis agreed.

The Millennium Diet is used all over the world. It is peer reviewed and can be purchased anywhere. Dr. Davis also suggests looking into other diets to compare and considers the Millennium to be the most medically sound and least radical.


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