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Natural Water for Dry Eyes and Dry Skin

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Press release - April 16, 2012

Discover the Wisdom of Applying Natural Water for Dry Eyes and Dry Skin

The Power of All-Natural Water Is the Only Way to Prevent and Reverse Eye and Skin Dehydration, Says Bio-Logic Aqua Research Founder Sharon Kleyne

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"The public might insist on a quick-fix from physicians and pharmaceutical companies, but the ultimate wisdom is that there can be no true healing without the power of natural water."
Sharon Kleyne

In a recent interview, eye health and water advocate Sharon Kleyne encouraged the medical and pharmaceutical communities to pay more attention to the frequently overlooked wisdom that natural water is essential to health and healing - especially in the treatment of dry eye and dry skin.

Sharon Kleyne is host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio show, and founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research.

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According to Mrs. Kleyne, the common sense wisdom of dry eye and dry skin is this: If a patient experiences dehydration symptoms (defined as a "loss of water") in the eyes or skin, any therapy to relieve those symptoms must involve replacing the lost water.

"People instinctively understand the importance of water," explains Mrs. Kleyne. "The ancient Greeks and Romans, with their spas and public baths, knew this. Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, preached the importance of natural living water. Recent research confirms that replacing lost natural water in the eyes' tear film (if done correctly) will benefit most dry eye symptoms (Mathers, 2005).

Our bodies are 60% water (this varies from 40% to 75%) (Chemcraft, 1998). The tear film covering the eyes' exposed portions is 99% water. The tear film lubricates the eyelids, refracts light, protects the eye from disease and supplies water and oxygen to live corneal cells. Eyes could not function without natural water. Insufficient tear production, or too rapid tear film water evaporation, are responsible for dry eye, eye allergies, computer eye strain and other eye problems (Mathers, 2005).

And yet... natural water with no added ingredients, the basis of life, is frequently forgotten in dry eye treatment.

And yet... the need to drink eight to ten glasses of water per day is not mentioned on the official U.S. Government "Food Pyramid" (now called the "Food Plate").

And yet...on the vast majority of websites dealing with dry skin, dry eye and computer eye strain, you won't find a single word about moisture (water) supplementation.

And pharmaceutical product for dry eye or dry skin contains only natural water with no added ingredients.

In Sharon Kleyne's experience, pharmaceutical companies make many excellent and life saving products and are genuinely concerned about health. Most pharmaceutical companies have been genuinely supportive of Mrs. Kleyne's views about water, dehydration and the health of the eyes and skin.

Mrs. Kleyne's message to them is this: With dry eye, dry skin and other dehydration diseases increasing worldwide, those responsible for eye and skin care - which is every one of us - might benefit from a fresh look at the "wisdom of the water."

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