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All-Natural Breads from Dave's Killer Bread

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November 15, 2011

Latest Trends in Whole Grain, All-Natural Breads from Dave's Killer Bread

Whole Grain Bread, No Additives, Health Bread, Seed Bread

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water talks with Dave Dahl of Dave's Killer Bread on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes

Dave's Killer Bread.

On September 26, 2011, Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio talk show, interviewed Dave Dahl, founder of Dave's Killer Bread. They discussed the benefits of health breads and seed breads that are additive free, whole grain breads with low gluten and no dilution or cutting corners.

The interview may be heard on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network, Apple iTunes, sponsored by Nature's Tear® EyeMist®

What to look for in a while grain health bread.

Dave's Killer Bread, of Portland, Oregon, came about when Dave Dahl became involved with his family's baking business. He wanted to produce mass-market health breads that would be the Cadillac of breads, regardless of cost. The bread would be highly concentrated and whole grain with no compromises, cost-cutting or dilution.

With no white or refined flour, the resulting bread is very heavy and costs $3.50 to $4.00 a loaf. It is also, according to Sharon Kleyne, extremely tasty and makes excellent French toast.

Dave Dahl

Dave's Dahl's family was in the commercial bread business and has baked whole grain breads since the 1960's. Dave was involved with the business for a while but went his own way, got involved with drugs and ended up in prison. Leaving prison clean, sober and ambitious, he decided to improve on his family's "Nature Bread" and other health breads, with a product that was much more concentrated.

There are now 15 types of Dave's Killer Bread and he's about to go into bagels. The latest is "Blues Buns." Only one bread (the spelt bread) is gluten free. But most of his breads are low gluten because he does not use flour from sprouted wheat. He notes that even spelt and rice contain some gluten.

Types of Killer Breads.

Dave Dahl considers Good Seed Bread to be his masterpiece and the healthiest of his health breads (It's also his best seller). He likes the symbolic implications of "The Good Seed." He does not use nuts in most of his breads because nuts can be fattening. He uses some natural fruit juice in place of sugar in his Power Seed Bread.

The most popular breads are 21 While Grain Bread (16 grains and five seeds), Good Seed Bread, Good Seed Spelt Bread, Power Seed Bread, Robust Raisin Bread, Cracked Wheat Bread, Nuts and Grains Bread and Rockin' Rye Bread.


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