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Water advocate Sharon Kleyne takes fresh water and dry eye health messages to China

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Water advocate Sharon Kleyne takes fresh water and dry eye health messages to China

Radio host and Bio-Logic Aqua Research Chairman will discuss recent China trip on upcoming radio show

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Is China receptive to the message of fresh water advocate Sharon Kleyne about fresh water, heath and dehydration of the atmosphere - a message that has had a major impact on the symptomatic relief of dry eye syndrome in the United States? If the results of Kleyne's recent week long trip to China are an indication, the answer is "yes." The advocate, researcher and radio host met with numerous physicians, pharmaceutical executives and citizens in China and reports that she was "very well received."

Water advocate Sharon Kleyne takes fresh water and dry eye health messages to China

Kleyne will discuss her China trip, and her message about fresh water, dehydration and the atmosphere, on her Sharon Kleyne Hour Power™ of Water® radio show of December 29, 2014. (Live show or podcast:

The syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour™ Power of Water® radio show, hosted by fresh water advocate Sharon Kleyne, is heard weekly on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes. The show is sponsored by Bio-Logic Aqua® Research, a global research and technology center founded by Kleyne and specializing in fresh water, the atmosphere and dehydration. Nature's Tears® EyeMist® is the Research Center's signature product for dry and dehydrated eyes.

Kleyne visited Beijing, China from December 8 to December 14, 2014.

For Kleyne, the word "dry" in "dry eye syndrome" suggests that any product or treatment to relieve symptoms, must involve water supplementation. Dry eye is the dehydration or loss of water in the thin tear film that coats the eye's exposed portions. A normal tear film contains 99% water. A loss of 2% of the tear film's water content can result in dry eye symptoms such as itching and burning eyes, blurred vision, headaches and fatigue.

Kleyne has been talking to doctors and eye care professionals in the US and around the world about the importance of water supplementation in relieving dry eye symptoms for over a decade, while promoting her Nature's Tears® EyeMist® product. After initial skepticism, she now has a list of 29,000 Ophthalmologists and Optometrists in the United States who endorse her approach.

During the past decade, Kleyne also made numerous contacts in China, with eye doctors, researchers and pharmaceutical executives. Many had visited her in the United States but this was her first trip to China. Her friends in China arranged a warm reception, excellent accommodations, a formal dinner and numerous meetings.

The results of the meetings, according to Kleyne, are not ready to be made public. It was acknowledged that dry eye caused by external environmental factors is an ongoing problem in China and that her approach of all-natural atmospheric humidity supplementation using a hand-held all water misting device would be of benefit.

Kleyne's message on dry eye is that before any formulated medication for dry eye is applied, the lost tear film water must first be replaced or supplemented. Kleyne accomplished tear film water supplementation by inventing the technology of a portable, hand held, pure water misting device that creates a small envelope of humid air around the face and eyes that is able to penetrate the tear film and measurably increases water content.

Tear film water loss can have many causes, according to Kleyne. Some are internal, such as illness, body dehydration, tear gland malfunction; and some are external such as excessive tear film evaporation and exposure to a dehydrating environment. A dehydrating environment can consist of cold air, warm air with low humidity, and polluted air.

Dry eye from external environmental causes, Kleyne explains, has made the dry eye syndrome the number one reason for eye doctor visits in the United States. This is the case in China, also. For a person experiencing dry eye as a result of internal factors, exposure to external factors can magnify the problem. External factor can also cause dry eye symptoms without internal factors.

In clean, warm, relatively humid air, according to Kleyne, the tear film also has the ability to absorb water directly from the air.

Cold air is dehydrating because it can't hold as much atmospheric water vapor as warmer air, says Kleyne. Warm air with low humidity creates extreme pressure on liquid water - including the water in the tear film - to evaporate. And polluted air often contains suspended particulates, such as fly ash and carbon soot, which are "desiccants" that can suck water out of the atmosphere and any surfaces they contact - including the eyes.

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