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Recent Fourth Phase Water Discoveries Alter Basic Understanding of Life Claims Researcher on Sharon Kleyne Hour

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Recent Fourth Phase Water Discoveries Alter Basic Understanding of Life Claims Researcher on Sharon Kleyne Hour

Gerald Pollack, PhD, Discusses Implications of Fourth Phase Water Discoveries on Life, Health and the Atmosphere

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Recent research findings regarding Fourth Phase Water are altering our understanding of life, health, the atmosphere, and how water affects our bodies. That was the conclusion of the discoverer of Fourth Phase Water, Gerald Pollack, during an interview on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show of July 7, 2014.

Humid Air May Be More Dehydrating than Dry Air Reports Water and Health Researcher

Gerald Pollack, PhD, is a Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington. His latest book is The Fourth Phase of Water (Ebner & Sons, 2013).

"Fourth Phase Water" also called "EZ Water" or "Exclusion Zone Water," according to Pollack, is a newly confirmed phase in addition to water's solid, liquid and vapor phases. Fourth Phase Water is midway between ice and liquid. There is organized molecular structure as in ice but the water remains warm and semi-liquid. As water solidifies into ice, it passes through an "Exclusion Zone" of Fourth Phase Water in which certain substances are squeezed out and the water is purified.

Fourth Phase Water, says Pollack, behaves very differently than other water phases and far more research is needed. Most of the water in our body cells, and much of the water vapor in the atmosphere, Pollack believes, consists of Fourth Phase Water.

Fourth Phase Water, according Pollack, is built by light and occurs when water is in close contact with a solid surface. Fourth Phase Water has a negative ionic charge whereas other water phases have a positive ionic charge. That suggests a potential energy source in the interface between liquid and Fourth Phase Water, says Pollack, and drinking the two phases together could be highly beneficial.

Pollack show host Sharon Kleyne regard water as a "living species," with the ability to receive, remember and alter input from its surroundings. Pollack believes that Fourth Phase water has the ability to pick up extremely subtle bits of external information, and to remember them by slightly altering its structure. Our thoughts, says Pollack, radiate infrared or electromagnetic energy from the body that can be detected and remembered by nearby water.

Pollack and Kleyne agree that knowing what sort of input the water inside our body, water that comes into contact with our body, has received can be critical to health.

To support the theory that water has the ability to remember and transmit information, Pollack cites the work of Fereydoon Batmanhelidj, Masaro Emoto and Luc Montagnier

Batmanhelidj discovered that drinking additional water each day can reverse a surprising number of pathologies. This suggests that water is far more important to health than previously believed. Kleyne notes that dehydration may be a factor in many - possibly all - diseases. (S. Batmanhelidj, MD, The Body's Many Cries for Water, Global Health Solutions, 2008).

Dr. Emoto discovered that water has the ability to react negatively to nearby negative stimuli (such as harsh music, bad thoughts or pollution) and positively to positive stimuli, as reflected in the quality of ice crystals formed when the water is later frozen. Pollack theorizes that human energy fields can affect the structure water exposed to the energy field, which is later reflected in the warer's ice crystals (Emoto, M. The Hidden Messages in Water, Atria Books, 2005).

Luc Montagnier, PhD, is the discoverer of HIV and winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Montagnier did an experiment in which he sealed some DNA in a jar of water, and then placed a jar of water without DNA next to it. The non-DNA water was later able to reconstruct the nearby DNA. The controversial discovery that water can remember and transmit information, Montagnier concluded, lends credence to the theory behind homeopathic medicine, that a barely detectable amount of "mediation" can be beneficially transmitted throughout the entire body (Hall, H,, "The Montagnier Homeopathy Study," Science-Based Medicine, 20 October, 2009)

Fourth Phase water is also relevant to the understanding of atmospheric humidity, says Pollack. Water evaporates in large - although microscopic - clusters of light-exposed molecules, with the outer molecules of these clusters consisting of Fourth Phase Water. Kleyne and Pollack suggest that humidity is able to receive positive or negative environmental stimuli from the Earth - and also emit stimuli - that affects weather, climate, the environment and health. .

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