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New Hypotheses on Influence of Emotions on Water Proposed on Sharon Kleyne Hour

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New Hypotheses on Influence of Emotions on Water Proposed on Sharon Kleyne Hour

Water Researcher Gerald Pollack Says Fourth Phase Water May Explain Dr. Emoto's Controversial Findings

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The research findings of Dr. Masaru Emoto on the behavior of water have always been controversial. A new hypothesis, recently proposed by University of Washington water researcher Gerald Pollack, PhD, while speaking as a guest on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show of July 7, 2014, offers the first plausible scientific explanation for Emoto's findings.

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Gerald Pollack, PhD, is a Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington. Dr. Pollack's research focus is the physical make-up of water, and water's utilization by the human body. His latest book is The Fourth Phase of Water (Ebner & Sons, 2013).

Pollack is best known as the discoverer of "Fourth Phase Water" also called "EZ Water" or "structured water," in addition to water's solid, liquid and vapor phases. Fourth Phase Water is midway between ice and liquid. There is organized molecular structure as in ice but the water remains warm and semi-liquid. The very thin layer of water that clings to the surface of solid substances is Fourth Phase Water. Pollack believes that the water inside our body cells is mostly Fourth Phase Water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is a water researcher and author of The Hidden Messages in Water (Atria Books, 2005). In Emoto's most famous experiment, he took two sealed flasks of water and played soothing music to one and harsh rock and roll to the other. He then froze the two waters. The ice crystals of the rock music water tended to be irregular and poorly formed while the opposite was true of the soothing music water.

Emoto also found that positive and negative thoughts can influence the quality of ice crystal formation on nearby flasks of water. Emoto has a Doctor of Alternative Medicine degree from Open International University, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Based on his Fourth Phase Water discovery, Pollack believes that water has the ability to react structurally to subtle external influences. Water also, according to Pollack, appears to have some capacity for memory.

The human body, Pollack explains, gives off a "radiant energy field" or "aura" that changes according to the emotional state a person's body and mind. Bad thought give off a different energy, in a different color spectrum, than good thoughts (Pamala, O, Life Colors - What the colors in your aura reveal, New World Library, 2004).

Pollack suggests that since most water inside human body cells is Fourth Phase Water, and since Fourth Phase Water has the ability to change its molecular structure in very subtle ways in reaction to the environment, it is possible that a body's radiant energy field can effect the molecular structure of water outside the body. Pollack believes that because water also has memory, the effect lingers even after the stimulus is removed.

Kleyne supports Pollack's hypothesis, explaining that she has always believed that water is not only the basis of life but that water has many attributes of living organisms, including the ability to change and adapt. According to Pollack, the human body is estimated to be about 70% water. Polack's own estimate, based on the number of water molecules in the body, is that the body is 99% water. It is not possible, Pollack suggests, for a substance that important and all pervasive, to play only a passive role in the body's functioning.

Pollack also believes that atmospheric humidity contains a large percentage of Fourth Phase Water and that Fourth Phase Water is the basis for cloud and weather formation. Kleyne and Pollack believe that the humidity will eventually be shown to have the ability to react in very subtle ways - and to remember - positive and negative environmental stimuli.

The reverse, Kleyne notes, could also be true - that negative energy picked up in the humidity can affect human emotions.

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