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Sharon Kleyne Water Advocate Praises Camp Rilea Net-Zero Recycling Program

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January 7, 2013

Water Advocate Praises Camp Rilea Net-Zero Recycling Program

Radio Commentator Sharon Kleyne Interviews Manager of Oregon's First-in-the Nation Military Water Recycling Program

Oregon's Camp Rilea is the first military installation in the United States to establish a "net-zero" water recycling program. The goal is to have 100% of the water pumped from the ground for use by the Camp, cleaned and returned to the ground. The program recently drew high praise from radio commentator and water advocate Sharon Kleyne, during an interview with James Arnold, Camp Rilea's Environmental Restoration Manager, a civilian position.

"The Camp Rilea program is far-sighted, reasonably cost-effective, and it works," said Mrs. Kleyne. "If all water was recycled in this manner, the world would be a much healthier and safer place, with far less conflict."

Camp Rilea, says Arnold, in Oregon's extreme northwest corner, is the first of 16 military installations in the United States scheduled for net-zero water recycling programs. The current program began in 2003 but the camp has been recycling water since 1978.

All water used at the camp, according to James Arnold, is pumped from a ground water aquifer beneath the camp (located in a very rainy coastal area). Used water is collected and sent to a recycling plant where it is cleaned and returned to the aquifer.

Water at Camp Rilea is used for toilets, sinks and showers (59%), cooking (18%), irrigation and grounds maintenance (10%) cleaning vehicles,(4%) and laundry (4%)..

Camp Rilea was established in 1927 as the primary summer training facility for the Oregon National Guard, which continues to own the property (it was nationalized during World War II). The facility is also used for training by the Oregon State Police, for SWAT team training by police departments in Oregon and Washington, and by the Boy Scouts. The camp features an elaborate "mock city" used for training in urban combat and law enforcement.

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