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Traditional Retirement Planning No Longer Valid- Robert Margeti

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January 9. 2012

Traditional Retirement Planning May No Longer be Valid, Says Author Robert Margetic

Author of How to Survive the Coming Retirement Storm talks to Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water about Finances, Social Security, Pensions and Investments

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Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio talk show, recently interviewed Robert Margetic, author of How to Survive the Coming Retirement Storm, about new retirement planning strategies in a changing and down economy. Mr. Margetic believes that traditional retirement strategies may no longer be sound investments.

The interview can be heard on-demand on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network, Apple iTunes and Twitter.

Sharon Kleyne was excited to have Robert Margetic on the show because one of her objectives is to educate listeners on strategies for a long, healthy, stress-free life. Mrs. Kleyne believes that good retirement planning, including investments, financial management, Social Security and Medicare strategies, health, diet, lifestyle and social involvement are all important to a long and fulfilling life.

Robert Margetic is founder of Redwood Financial Advisors in San Rafael, California. He has concluded that due to the country's possibly rapidly changing financial system, too many near-retirees are inadequately prepared for retirement.

For example, most people are unaware that there is no money in the Social Security Trust Fund because Congress has been spending it to support government budgeting (for which they could go to jail in the private sector). Monthly withholding from working individuals is not sufficient to sustain the system, especially with retiring baby-boomers entering the picture.

As a result of decades of mismanagement, money paid into Social Security and Medicare today by younger workers, will only benefit current retirees. Also, current economic difficulties are forcing older individuals to remain in the work force longer, contributing to unemployment among younger workers and cutting into the money received by Social Security and Medicare.

Margetic believes that seniors on fixed income are our most vulnerable citizens. Social Security may end up with a means test, which means that the less money you earned while working, the more Social Security you would get. That is the exact opposite of the current system.

Real estate is no longer a good investment (but could recover). Also, most people no longer rely on pensions but on individual 401K's. Both pensions and individual retirement accounts are dependent on the stock market. If Wall Street collapses, these could become worthless, despite their emphasis on low risk investments.

In his book, How to Survive the Coming Retirement Storm, Margetic describes a "five step process for success in volatile times." This involves proactive planning of how you wish to spend your retirement and knowing how much income you will require to achieve this. Money in this paradigm is secondary to lifestyle. Margetic advocates tracking your spending habits and cutting expenses where you can. A solid education in the intricacies, benefits and shortcomings of Social Security, Medicare, Medicare advantage plans, pension and retirement plans, credit cards and investments, are essential. It is especially important to understand how these could fail and to have a backup plan.

Above all, Robert Margetic advocates developing a proactive strategy to stay healthy, reduce stress, exercise, eat nutritious meals, keep weight down, say connected with people around you, value yourself as a person and enjoy life.

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