"Smooth Criminals" Released by CIA Causing Increase in Con Artist Scams - Bill Deane

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October 1, 2012

"Smooth Criminals" Released by CIA Causing Increase in Con Artist Scams

Interview with Smooth Criminals author and former CBS News reporter Bill Deane

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, October 1, 2012 Sponsored by Nature's Tears® EyeMist®

The United States Government, through the highly secretive CIA, has been releasing career criminals from prison in exchange for undercover work abroad. When these early release criminals return to the US, they too often turn their attention to confidence schemes and scamming the American public. The CIA will not release their names or notify local police agencies and they suppress news stories about the activities of these smooth criminal con artists. Unsuspecting Americans are paying the price.

In his book Smooth Criminals (Muse Media, 2012), author Bill Deane talks about the problems created by these early release con artists, whom he calls "Smooth Criminals" because they are often the best of the best. As an award winning CBS News reporter for 30 years, Deane has witnessed first hand their activity and the government's suppression of information.

Deane was interviewed by Sharon Kleyne on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio show on October 1, 2012 sponsored by Nature's Tears® EyeMist®. Avoiding scams and con artists is part of the show's theme of educating the public on strategies to remain healthy and thrive while coping with the many stresses of modern life. .

Deane described to Sharon Kleyne specific tips for the public to identify and protect against Smooth Criminals (who constitute about 4% of telephone of Internet scams), and similar scammers.

  • They may claim to be a Federal Agent attempting to entrap a criminal.
  • They ask you to put up money or make your bank account available.
  • They are exceptionally smooth talkers who exude self confidence.
  • They have an answer for every objection you might raise.
  • They like to move fast - before you have a chance to reflect.
  • They might get angry with you and attempt to intimidate you or make you feel guilty.
  • Their may be a sexual or flirtatious component.
  • In person, they are very good at eye contact.
  • They may claim to know a member of your family.
  • Deane's advice: Get rid of them quickly, preferably the first minute of the first contact, and definitely at the first mention of money (30% of Americans are susceptible to a good story).

Deane made several observations to Mrs. Kleyne about American life and criminal activity.

  • We are more violent than we used to be. In WWI, only 20% of recruits were comfortable killing another soldier. In 2012, the number is 80%.
  • Be careful of cruise ships. They may claim US registration but most are Liberian registration because Liberian laws are much more lax. This could be difficult to track.
  • The news bias is getting worse on both sides. Managed news is definitely a scam and there is little completely unbiased reporting or investigative journalism. Fox and MSNBC mostly tell their constituents what they want to hear, with no middle ground and no accommodation.
  • Corporations rarely make decision based on principal unless it will benefit profits.
  • 30% of the population is poor and the gap between rich and poor is becoming much larger.

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