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The Spirituality and Symbolism of Water

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June 13, 2011

The Spirituality and Symbolism of Water

Meditation, Mysticism and Mist

Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water interviews Fred Jennings Rogers, Author of Journey of the White Robes

Guest and topic: Fred Jennings Rogers (Grants Pass, OR), Aquarius Books and Gifts. "Books to expand your mind."

Rogers, FJ, Journey of the White Robes,, 2010

Sharon Kleyne, Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Water Research and international water advocate, is announcing an increased emphasis on e-commerce and retail Internet accounts for Nature's Tears EyeMist, the company's patented, all-natural breakthrough product for dry eye, eye allergies and computer vision syndrome.

Fred Rogers is a practitioner and teacher of meditation, spiritual philosophy and mysticism for personal growth with a strong interest in the Power of water. He has written several books on spirituality, mysticism and nature and he owns Aquarius Books and Gifts in Grants Pass, Oregon. He was interviewed on Sharon Kleyne's Power of Water radio talk show on June 13, 2011

Fred Rogers and Sharon Kleyne agree that water is not only symbolic of all life but is the basis of all spirituality. Water enables food to grow and spirituality began with attempts to influence the hydrological cycle - hoping for rain.

Rogers is an advocate of service to others and the Earth as a way of self-improvement and fulfillment. Rogers and Kleyne agreed that lives which touch others also touch the fabric of the Earth and you then become part of the environment rather than being alienated from it.

Personal growth medication can be practiced anywhere, including a business setting. Just stop once in a while and look around or go outside. This also helps with stress and relaxation.

Rogers questions the theory that humans can ever exert responsible "stewardship" over the Earth. He advocates living with nature and understanding that you cannot change nature. But you can make it work for you.

Fred Rogers is a protégé of Agnes Baker-Pilgrim, also of Grants Pass. Pilgrim is 86, a medicine woman from the Taklema Tribe and an elected member of the "International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers."

Rogers differentiates between "prayer" which is asking questions or favors of an unseen higher power, and "meditation," in which you open yourself to receive answers. And always there is the "still small voice within."

Sharon noted that spending time on self, and self-improvement and appreciation of the Power of Water are not necessarily selfish and that to truly help others, you often must first heal yourself.

Sharon asked for Roger's suggestions on how to meditate. Rogers noted that everyone has their own path. He suggests sitting and relaxing, and focusing on a mantra or a word to clear your mind, quiet your mind and focus on nothing - or on something basic like a flower or a waterfall.

We are all connected, we all know our own path deep down and there is only the present. A health diet, with plenty of all-natural water, is vitally important to a healthy attitude.

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