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September 19, 2011

5,000 Years of Tea Drinking to Reduce Stress and Improve Health

Sharon Kleyne Talks with Gretchen Twill of Devi Tea about the Benefits of Tea Drinking

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water interviews Gretchen Twill of Devi Tea on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network, Apple iTunes and

Devi Tea and Gretchen Twill

On September 19, 2011, Gretchen Twill, Founder of Devi Tea, was interviewed by Sharon Kleyne on her show Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water about the benefits of tea drinking to reduce stress and improve health. The interview may be heard any time on Voice America, Apple iTunes, Green Talk Network, VoiceAmerica and

Gretchen Twill lives in Medford Oregon. Devi Tea is an importer, seller and wholesale distributor of teas and tea blends from around the world. The company was founded eight years ago.

History of tea.

Tea has been around as a beverage drink for at least 5,000 years. It is the second most consumed liquid after water. The Chinese are believed to be the first to drink tea as part of their culture, and they developed several brewing methods still used today.

In the late 1500s, when most drinking water was unsafe, people in Europe drank mostly beer and wine. Coffee and tea were introduced in Europe at that time by the Dutch, who brought it from China. Tea gained rapid popularity because being boiled, tea water was safe to drink and the beverage was not intoxicating.

True teas.

True teas are all brewed with water from the leaves of a plant called Camillia sinese. The difference is in the curing of the leaves and the method of brewing. The true teas are black tea, green tea, yellow tea, white tea, orange tea, oolong tea and pu'er tea. Getchen Twill and Devi Tea imports and sells all true teas.

Benefits of tea.

Gretchen Twill notes that true teas, and teas blended from true tea (such as Earl Gray or Darjeeling) are high in anti-oxidants. Tea drinking tends to be relaxing and stress reducing, however, true teas contain a small amount of caffeine, to which some people are sensitive. People desiring to restrict their caffeine intake should drink herbal teas. Coffee contains more caffeine per serving than tea, however, tea contains more caffeine per pound of dry weight than coffee (tea is more diluted). .

Tea bags.

Gretchen Twill and Devi Tea recommend loose leaf tea because Ms. Twill believes that tea bags take away flavor and may add their own slight flavor. Tea bags also substantially increase the price of tea. In loose leaf tea, nearly all cost goes to the tea. If you prefer tea bags, by all means, use them. Loose leaf tea may either be whole leaf or broken leaf.

The latest tea fad is ready-to-drink bottled tea, sold by Lipton, Snapple and many others.

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