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Natural Fertility

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August 15, 2011

Natural Fertility

Andrew Loosely, DCHAc (London, UK), natural fertility expert, lecturer and author. "Increase your chances of becoming pregnant."

Loosely, A; Ultimate Fertility Guide - 2nd Edition, 2011

Andrew Loosely is a practitioner and counselor in the field of natural fertility. He lives in Kensington, London England. He became involved with natural health because his family was involved herbal medicines and healing going back five generations.

Andrew Loosely Ultimate Fertility Guide

Loosely is an advocate of Chinese herbal applications and is especially interested in dandelions. They are less bitter in spring and make excellent teas. Dry the roots and roast them. The upper plant is rich in volatile oils and also makes a good tea. It is also good on salads.

Sharon and Loosely talked about Rosemary, which smells wonderful, looks pretty and also makes a great tea. Put the leaves in how water and steep.

Lavender is popular in Europe as a tea or a tea additive. It is a relaxant and anti-inflammatory. There are lavender jams, pastries and lemonades.

They discussion never really got to natural fertility. His website describes what he called the "Baby Making Plan," to incfease fertility and the chances of conception through diet, nutrition and herbal medicines rather than fertility drugs.


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