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Importance of Diet and a Healthy Lifestyle

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October 31, 2011

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water Interviews Special Guest Dr. David Snyder about the Importance of Diet and a Healthy Lifestyle

Diet, Nutrition, Malpractice Insurance, Medical Care Standards and What to Ask Your Doctor

Sharon Kleyne interviews radio talk show host Dr. David Snyder on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network, Apple iTunes and

Part One

Dr. David Snyder

On September 12, 2011, Sharon Kleyne, water activist and host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio talk show, interviewed Dr. David Snyder. Kleyne and Snyder discussed a wide range of topics, including malpractice insurance, preventive medicine, lifestyle choices, diet and nutrition, lifestyle related dry eye, the "best" fast foods, digestion, sleep, elimination, the new United States Government Food Plate and the "Diet Mnemonic."

This is Part One of that Interview.

In addition to talk show hosting, Dr, David Snyder is a Family Practice physician in private practice in Santa Rosa, CA. Sharon Kleyne is President of Bio-Logic Aqua Research and inventor of Nature's Tears® EyeMist® for dry eyes.

Liability Insurance

Sharon wondered if the rising cost of malpractice insurance is creating a doctor shortage. Dr. Snyder said it was, although the number of new physicians has risen slightly in recent years. The overuse of medical tests, increasing medical outsourcing and rising costs are directly related to liability and the cost of insurance.


Dr. Snyder had many lifestyle suggestions and said to be leery of doctors who do not ask about lifestyle habits. Sharon noted that a doctor can discover a lot about a patient with a few questions about diet, sleep, stress and water intake. Doctors can also tell a lot from examining the patient's skin and eyes.

Sharon Kleyne and Dr. Snyder recommend proactive health education (learning as much as you can) about nutrition and then putting it into practice. Dr. Snyder recommends "real" unprocessed, non-manufactured foods with a minimum of additives. He suggests eating foods that are high in anti-oxidants because they are "heart healthy."

Sharon also observed that people tend to go to the doctor too quickly, thus shifting responsibility for their health from themselves to the doctor. This is where self-education and proactive health measures can be invaluable.


Dr. Snyder's main diet recommendations: A good breakfast with lots of protein and not too much carbohydrate or refined sugar. That means avoiding muffins, biscuits, toast, jam, hash browns and fatty meats. Whole grain cereals such as oatmeal are excellent, as are milk, eggs, lean meat, fruit and nuts. A good breakfast will increase your metabolism and energy level throughout the day.

According to Dr. Snyder, proper diet could lower cardiovascular disease by 70%, adult onset diabetes by 90% and high blood pressure by 85%. This would have an immense impact on the mortality rate and length of life.

Sharon pointed out that vision problems such as dry eye often correlate with high blood pressure and diabetes but that eye doctors seldom pursue this.

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