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American Woman Business of Water Discovers 5,000 Years of Power of Water and Tea

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June 27, 2011

American Woman Business of Water Discovers 5,000 Years of Power of Water and Tea

Educating America about All Natural Tea for Good Health Teas from China and Japan.

Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water interviews Rona Tison, of Japan's Ito-En Tea, on the Health Benefits of Water and Tea

Sharon Kleyne, a leading American woman entrepreneur in the global business of water, recently announced a new Power of Water interest: The 5,000 year tea drinking tradition in China and Japan.

On June 27, 2011, Mrs. Kleyne interviewed Rona Tison, Senior Vice-President of Ito-En North America, a Japanese Tea Company on her Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water radio show. Ito-en is the largest importer to the United States of loose leaf tea and bottled green tea. Their bottled ("ready to drink") brand sells under the name, "Teas' Tea." Rona grew up in Japan, where tea drinking part of their cultural history.

Mrs. Kleyne and Ms. Tison cite many health benefits of tea drinking. Teas provide daily water intake to prevent dehydration without the harsh adulteration found in juices, sodas and coffee. Tea is all-natural, nutritious and rich in anti-oxidants; and drinking tea is often accompanied by a purposeful relaxation ritual. Sharon has interviewed several tea experts because of the strong connection between tea and water.

Sharon observed to Rona during the interview that tea is an excellent way to promote good health and avoid dehydration, "before you run to the medicine cabinet." Diet and lifestyle are critical to health and tea drinking can be very helpful in many areas.

Ms. Tison described the health benefits of tea, which began thousands of years ago as a medicinal drink: Tea is a powerful anti-oxidant that absorbs free radicals and is good for anti-aging. Tea is also a stress reducer (despite its caffeine content) because people tend to be relaxed and tranquil when drinking it.

According to Ms. Tison, there is only one "true" tea (as opposed to herbal teas and blended teas), which is the leaves of the plant Camellia sinesis ("Chinese camellia"). This plant gives us green, oolong, black and white tea. Green tea leaves are unwilted an unoxidized while black tea is fully cured. Chamomile and red zinger are herbal teas while Earl Grey is a blended tea consisting of black tea plus oil from the rind of the bergamot orange. Green tea with jasmine oil is another popular blend.

Black tea is heartier and more robust than other Camellia teas but with fewer nutrients. It has one-third the caffeine of coffee. True tea is high in vitamin C.

Rona's website is

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