Protecting and Restoring Coastal Water Quality

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July 26, 2010

Protecting and Restoring Coastal Water Quality

Charlie Plybon, B.S. (South Beach, OR). Marine Biologist for the Surfrider Foundation. "Initiative to protect and restore water quality from watershed to ocean."

Mr. Plybon is a marine biologist who grew up in North Carolina and Florida. He notes that 97% of the world's water is salty and that it is teeming with wildlife.

He is involved with the Surf Rider Foundation, which is concerned with the quality of fresh water entering the ocean in coastal areas. The organization tests water quality around the world.

The primary need, according to Mr. Plybon, is more government monitoring and less reliance on industry self-monitoring. Sharon quoted Sarah Palin as saying that, "In Alaska, there is a regulator on duty at all times during oil drilling." In the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, there were no regulators or inspectors present. But it must be a team effort.

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