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Obama Care and "True Health Care Reform."

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November 29, 2010

Obama Care and "True Health Care Reform."

Dehydration Diseases, Dry Eye, Dry Air and Health Insurance

Guest: B.J. White (Houston, Texas), businessman, heart disease survivor and author of, True Health Care Reform (Outskirts Press, 2010)

True Health Care Reform

The Affordable Health Care Act of 2010, known as "Obama Care," could drastically affect the medical treatment of every dehydration disease symptom from dry eye to diabetes to heart disease. B.J. White’s best selling book, True Health Care Reform, questions the Obama health care bill.

I was anxious to talk to Mr. White because of the tie-in between health care and many of the "power of water" and dehydration and dry air issues we discuss on the Sharon Kleyne Hour. Mr. White agrees that many dehydration disease symptoms, such as dry eye, dry skin and skin cancer, are related to water and dry air.

Mr. White believes, and I agree, that as the Obama Care health care reform law is written, "death panels," which allocate scarce medical resources, are inevitable. For those lacking the ability to pay (especially the disabled, the unemployed, seniors and Medicare recipients), the government determines treatment – not only for seniors and the terminally ill but from birth, including premature babies.

According to Mr. White, health insurance companies originally wrote the health care reform law but pulled out when mandated coverage for preexisting medical conditions was included. Sharon and Mr. White agreed that the bill lacks a clear-cut business plan or roadmap.

In True Health Care Reform, Mr. White proposes a health insurance alternative featuring no denial of coverage, no mandatory coverage, much lower premiums, and cost reductions throughout the industry.
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