Organic, Whole Grain Breads

Show Summary - February 16, 2009


Sharon welcomed everybody and talked about the importance of education about water because without water, we cannot be healthy. She recommends drinking 8 to 10 cups a day and noted that the human body has between 50 and 300 trillion cells, that we begin the process of dehydration from the moment of birth, that this affects everyone differently and that this water must be replaced if we are to remain healthy.

Guest: Dave Dahl

Sharon introduced her first guest, Dave Dahl of Milwaukie, Oregon, who is the owner of "Dave's Killer Bread." She said the first saw the bread at the Fred Meyer store in Grants Pass and became fascinated with it. Once she met Dave and heard his personal story, she became even more fascinated.

Dave said that his family had been in the commercial baking business since 1955 and that his father had been a pioneer of "health" bread. He grew up working for his father but eventually abandoned his family in favor of a life on the streets. He ended up seriously involved with crime, theft and especially drugs (methamphetamine), and spent 15 of 20 years in prison.

After 13 years in prison, and feeling like a failure in life, he experienced a "moment of clarity" in which he discovered humility for the first time (in other words, he took Step One of the Alcoholics Anonymous "12 Steps," which is to admit that you are powerless). After that, he became less self-involved and determined to clean up his life and make something of himself. When he got out of prison, he returned to the family business. Soon after, he and his brother founded "Dave's Killer Bread," greatly expanding on their father's old health bread.

Sharon stated that Dave's breads are "absolutely wonderful" and far different from the fluffy, nutrition-poor balloon white bread that was popular in the 1950's. She said that a loaf of Dave's bread "feels like a brick," and added that for a recovering alcoholic or addicts, nutrition and exercise are extremely important in controlling stress and fighting depression.

Dave makes 21 different breads, containing such ingredients as cracked wheat, sprouted wheat, millet, rye, spelt, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and much, much more. All ingredients are 100% organic. The product is available in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Montana and Alaska; at Fred Meyer, New Season, Whole Foods, Market of Choice, Costco and elsewhere. It may be purchased online from anywhere in the country at

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