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Living Water International Announces 2014 Gala Honoring Women on Sharon Kleyne Hour

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Press release - June 6, 2014

Living Water International Announces 2014 Gala Honoring Women on Sharon Kleyne Hour

Global Water Mission Depends on Women Says Living Water International President Emeritus

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Living Water International, an organization that has sponsored 14,000 rural water well projects in 70 developing nations, will devote its 2014 Annual Fund Raising Gala to honoring the role played by women in the success of their mission. Living Water International President Emeritus Jerry Wiley recently announced the gala on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show.

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Living Water International was founded in 1990 to bring safe and reliable water to rural areas in developing nations in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. As of 2014, with an annual budget of $28 million, the organization had constructed well over 14,000 water wells. Jerry Wiley, PhD, was President of Living Water International for 12 years and is now President Emeritus. The current president is Gary Evans. Wiley made the announcement while being interviewed on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show of June 23, 2014.

Women are the primary beneficiaries of the work of Living Water International, says Wiley. They also play a major role in our organization, from local villages in Kenya, to field staff, to the Board of Directors in Houston, TX. The Living Water International web page depicts a young African woman and the slogan, "Free to Dream" (

In rural villages in developing nations, according to Wiley, where safe, reliable water is difficult to obtain, women and children tend to suffer the most because the task of fetching water each day is a traditional role of women, who usually bring their children with them. Fetching water may involve walking several miles and returning with ten gallons of water in a jug on their head. Should they drop the water, they must go back and get more. The water they carry is often contaminated and unsafe.

This daily necessity prevents women and children from attending school. The task also prevents women from becoming involved in the community or assuming leadership roles.

Safe and abundant water is so essential to a community that without it, economic development is nearly impossible. Water is necessary for drinking, cooking, agriculture, sanitation and industry. Globally, says Wiley, someone dies from water related causes, including water borne diseases and dehydration, every 15 seconds.

In areas with no treatment facilities, Kleyne notes, wells are the safest and most reliable water source. The presence of a hand-pumped water well in village, says Wiley, almost immediately improves health, reduces disease and mortality, and promotes economic development.

When a village is scheduled to o receive a well, according to Wiley, a local committee is formed, with the assistance of Living Water International and/or other organizations with whom LWI partners. The local committee oversees the construction and equitable use of the well, maintenance and repair, and a program to educate the community on hygiene, sanitation and hydration.

Women play a major role on these committees in virtually every community, says Wiley. In many cases, this is the first time that local women have undertaken a leadership role. Many of these women, Kleyne adds, have gone on to start small businesses enterprises. According to the African Development Bank, says Kleyne, 48% of small business entrepreneurs in Kenya, a major operations center for Living Water International, are women.

Women also play a major role on the field staff, executive staff and Board of Directors of Living Water International, according to Wiley

Living Water International's 2014 Fund Raising Gals, with the theme title "Celebrating the Women," will take place on October 3, 2014 at the Hilton Americas, Houston Texas. Website:


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