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If Doctor Says Disease Is Incurable, Find another Doctor Says Noted Naturopathic Physician

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Press release - May 20, 2014

If Doctor Says Disease Is Incurable, Find another Doctor Says Noted Naturopathic Physician

A Positive Attitude Is Indispensable in Curing Disease Reports Theresa Dale, PhD and ND

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If a doctor says that a health complaint or disease is incurable, that should be a cue to begin looking for another doctor. That was the recommendation of Theresa Dale, noted Naturopathic Physician, during a recent interview on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show. The reason for this recommendation, according to Dale, is that a positive attitude is indispensable in curing disease. Dr. Dale believes that with a combination of a healthy lifestyle, sufficient daily water intake and a positive mental attitude, every disease should be curable.

Theresa Dale, PhD, DN, C.C.N., N.P, is Dean and Founder of the California College of Natural Medicine and President of the Wellness Center. Dale also hosts a radio show on the Health Network. She has healed herself of uterine tumor, the skin disease tinea albicans and radiation poisoning from Chernobyl

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Theresa Dale was interviewed by show host Sharon Kleyne on May 19, 2014.

One's health, according to Dale, is almost totally up to the individual. To have a healthy body, one must work towards creating a health body. If a doctor tells a patient they are going to die, says Dale, that doctor clearly cannot be of help and the patient should look for someday else. In other words, get a second - or third - opinion.

When a doctor says they can't help, according the Dale, they immediately burden the patient with negativity that can make the problem even worse. Even when the physician lacks a medicinal or surgical cure, a good healer should be able to provide guidance and education about healthy living, dehydration and water intake, a positive attitude and self-healing

To support Dale's assertion, Kleyne cited an experience she had while working with the American Cancer Society. Kleyne noticed that cancer patients with the most positive attitude were most likely to get well. Patients with a poor or defeatist attitude, according to Kleyne, recovered less often, even when their cancer wasn't as bad as the cancer of a more positive patient.

Dale and Kleyne agreed that they both could cite dozens of examples of using a positive attitude and refusing to take ownership of a disease to achieve self-healing. Kleyne has an employee who was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus, a precancerous condition that could be arrested but not cured. The employee immediately changed doctors and made a conscious effort not to allow the disease in his body. The new doctor could find no trace of the Barrett's Esophagus that two previous doctors had biopsied and positively identified.

According to Kleyne, she employed techniques nearly identical to Dale's program, to cure herself of angina.


Kleyne and Dale discussed several other subjects during the radio interview.

Dr. Dale originally became interested in self-healing after curing herself of a uterine tumor at age 22 rather than undergo the recommended surgery. Her mother had undergone nine surgeries for a different problem and the net result, Dale observed, was that it virtually destroyed her body and her spirit while only minimally improving the condition.

Instead of surgery, Dale focused on food, water and attitude - and the tumor went away on its own.

Dale was also in Russia during the Chernobyl nuclear reactor incident. According to Dale, the health effects were widespread and mostly suppressed. The only government, according to Dale, which honestly reported the serious health consequences throughout Europe was Switzerland. It took a year of concerted effort back in the United States to detoxify herself.

At age 22, when she had the uterine tumor, according to Dale, her only resource was the corner health food store, from which she obtained a large amount of literature. She stopped eating animal products and caffeine, stopped all medication, began drinking much more water and paying attention to the water she drank, looked for ways to minimize negativity and stress - such as meditation - and did extensive research on natural remedies. The effort proved effective.

Dale had much to say about water, noting that the homeopathic remedies she often prescribes are 99% water and what water is key to the remedy's effectiveness. As Dale puts it, "water holds the energy of the medicine."

The ideal water, according to Dale and Kleyne, should be clean, slightly alkaline and have a slight mineral content without being overly mineralized. She avoids distilled water and chlorinated water but has no problem with artificially adding minerals.

Distilled water, according to Dale, is dead water in which the mineral content has been removed and the water has been "devitalized." Water needs minerals but should not contain heavy metals or parasites. Dale notes that "mineral water" frequently contains too many minerals and that by far the most common mineral in natural mineral water - and carbonated water - is sodium, a substance that should be avoided in excess.

Water should have a slightly alkaline pH balance, says Dale. Water with a strongly alkaline pH balance is heavily mineralized and medicinal. Kleyne notes that slightly acidic water is acceptable as long as it is not the only water a person drinks. Strongly acidic water, obviously, can be harmful. Kleyne further notes that slightly acidic water is very good for skin. According to Kleyne, the body is slightly alkaline while skin is slightly acidic.

For her daily drinking water, Dale uses good water from a trusted source, which she puts through a seven stage reverse osmosis process in her home that removes unwanted minerals and adds back desired mineral crystals. A friend of Dale's makes this machine (Dennis Higgins - Future Water Today).

The water is then run through a "Revitalizer Plus" system that uses magnets to restructure the mineral content. Dale refers to this as "structured water." According to Dale, the device that does this cost only a "couple hundred dollars."

(Kleyne points out that that Dale's "structured water" is not the same the "structured water" that Dr. Gerald Pollack talked about on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water shows of March 10 and May 5, 2014. That "structured water" referred to a restructuring of the basic water molecules themselves, from H2O to H3O2, rather than a restructuring of the water's solute content.)

Dale quickly pointed out that drinking water in plastic bottles may be subject to contamination from a chemical called "BPA,' used to soften the plastic. According to Dale, BPA is as estrogen derivative and can be toxic.

The key to health, says Dale, is to live in harmony with the Earth. Dale noted, however, that the Earth is not always as naturally healthy as it used to be. That why she feels justified, for example, in altering the water she drinks.

Kleyne asked about breathing and Dale agreed that breathing is important in keeping the body healthy and balanced, and avoiding aches and pains. Dale teaches what she calls the "bliss exercise" that can induce a meditative state in five minutes.

Dale concluded that people should be looking for tools, not therapists when addressing health issues.

Dr Theresa Dale has written two books: Revitalize Your Hormones (Wiley, 2005) and Transform Your Essential DNA (Wellness Center, 1997). Websites are and (California College of Natural Medicine).

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