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Cancer Could Be Related to Stress and Dehydration Says Sharon Kleyne Hour Guest

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Press release - June 6, 2014

Cancer Could Be Related to Stress and Dehydration Says Sharon Kleyne Hour Guest

Sister of Late L.A. Lakers Owner Tells Sharon Kleyne How She Cured Herself of Cancer in Three Months

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Radio host Sharon Kleyne concluded years ago, after considerable research, that the primary causes of cancer are chronic stress, drinking too little water (dehydration) and an unhealthy lifestyle. Conversely, Kleyne reports, cancer can often be cured by reducing stress, drinking more water, improving one's lifestyle, maintaining a positive attitude and following a proactive self-help program. Kleyne hosts the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show.

The personal cancer experience of Susan Liberty Hall, a recent show guest, reinforced Kleyne's conclusions. Hall is the sister of longtime Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss, who passed away from cancer in 2013. Hall developed cancer at the same time as her brother. She describes her journey of self-healing in her book, Ha…I laugh in the Face of Cancer (Inkwell Productions, 2013).

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Kleyne is a former local Chairman for the American Cancer Society. Susan Liberty Hall appeared on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water on June 2, 2014.

In describing her personal experience with breast cancer, Hall noted that while her brother chose the more traditional route of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, she devoted herself to seeking more natural and less invasive alternatives. Already a student of spirituality and natural healing, Hall made the decision to avoid medical doctors and as Kleyne describes it, "follow her own proactive self-help program."

According to Hall, prayers led her to a substance called "Two Feathers Healing Formula," which she claims helped her to become cancer free in three months.

Hall's approach, according to Kleyne, underscores several broad principles of self-healing. Kleyne described an experience while with the American Cancer Society. In numerous instances, Kleyne explained, a patient whose cancer wasn't that severe would die while a patient whose cancer was much worse would recover. Kleyne observed that the survivors, in general, had a far more positive attitude than those who did not survive.

Faith, prayer, a health lifestyle, stress reduction, and water consumption, Kleyne and Hall agreed, are essential to fighting any disease. They also agreed that self-education, determination and devoting one's full energy to fighting the cancer were also critically important.

Kleyne and Hall differed somewhat on the role of doctors. Kleyne has long advocated assuming personal responsibility for one's own health and regarding the doctor as a consultant and team member, not as the final word. According to Kleyne, if a patient takes full charge and full responsibility for their own treatment program, and doesn't become overly impatient, a physician can still be very helpful. When a patient gives up and turns all decision making over to doctor, the doctor is then working under a huge handicap.

The role of water, according to both Hall and Kleyne, is crucial in cancer prevention and treatment, just as water is crucial to all life and health. Water plays an important role in flushing toxins and waste from the body, according to Kleyne. When water is in chronically short supply, the toxins back up and illness can result. Stress, Kleyne notes, can be both a cause and a result of dehydration.

Cancer certainly can cause stress, says Kleyne, but stress can also cause cancer.

Hall's book may be purchased at or Lauginginthefaceofcancer .com. Information about Two Feathers Healing Formula may be obtained at

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