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Drink 8 to 10 Glasses of Water a Day to Stay Healthy During Flu Season Says Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne

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Drink 8 to 10 Glasses of Water a Day to Stay Healthy During Flu Season Says Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne

The Body's Immune System Requires Lots of Water to Function Optimally Says Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water Radio Host

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With the 2014 fall flu season upon us, reports fresh water advocate Sharon Kleyne, the best way to prepare the body's immune system and resist illness is to drink at least eight to ten glasses of fresh water each day, every day. Keeping the body healthy and well hydrated will not only improve the ability to fight off flu and colds, it will bolster resistance to numerous other bacterial and viral diseases.

Drink 8 to 10 Glasses of Water a Day to Stay Healthy During Flu Season Says Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne

Sharon Kleyne hosts the syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show, heard on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes. The show is sponsored by Bio-Logic Aqua Research, a global research and technology center specializing in fresh water, the atmosphere and dehydration. Nature's Tears® EyeMist® is the Research Center's signature product for dry eyes. Kleyne is Bio-Logic Aqua's Founder and Research Director.

Kleyne will discuss the fall 2014 flu season and the importance of fresh water to the body's immune system on her radio show of October 13, 2014

Just as water starved trees, Kleyne explains, are more prone to slowed growth, increased mortality and infestations of insects, rot fungi and parasites, a water starved human body is more prone to bacterial and viral invasion. Drinking more water isn't the only measure that will improve health and avoid illness but it is the most critical measure.

The human body, according to Kleyne, averages 70 percent water. Every function of the body requires water, every organ requires water and every cell requires water. Even bones and teeth require water. The body loses large amounts of water each day which must be constantly replenished to maintain a healthy system.

Because water is a solvent, says Kleyne, it chemically combines with numerous water soluble substances. Thus, water is the primary medium that carries beneficial substances - such as oxygen and food - into the body and also carries harmful substances and waste out of the body. The body loses water either through waste elimination, exhaling, or surface evaporation from the eyes and skin. The lost water must be fully replaced on a daily basis or systems start breaking down, paving the way for bacterial and viral attacks.

Kleyne advocates drinking a minimum of eight to ten full glasses of pure fresh water per day in addition to all other fluid intake. For children under ten, drink one half the body's weight in ounces - thus, a 50 pound child should drink 25 ounces of water a day. Drink two glasses immediately upon rising and drink the water in full glasses rather than sipping. Caffeine and alcohol, Kleyne warns, are dehydrating and do not make good water sources. Sugar is also dehydrating.

Kleyne compares sipping water to watering a house plant by pouring a teaspoon of water on it every half hour rather than a full glass once a day. The full glass is much more likely to have an impact than the teaspoons.

Water consumption should be increased, according to Kleyne, when one is ill, becoming ill, or is in a high risk situation for dehydration or for exposure to infectious diseases. High risk dehydration situations include direct sunlight, low atmospheric humidity, indoor forced air heating and cooling, fluorescent lighting, etc. Be aware that cold air tends to be much dryer than warm air. However, warm air increases the rate at which water evaporates from the skin surface.

Keep room air hydrated by cracking a window, purchasing a room humidifier, setting out house plants or bowls of water, and putting baffles on heating and cooling vents. Baths and showers help keep the body hydrated, as do the all natural, all water humidifying mist products Nature's Tears® EyeMist® and Nature's Mist® skin moisture, from Kleyne's Bio Logic Aqua Research. .

In addition to hydration, the immune system can be bolstered by eating a healthy diet, getting moderate exercise, avoiding fatigue and sleeping seven to eight hours a night. Also, breathe properly and spend part of each day reducing stress. Wash hands frequently, follow the rules of proper sanitation, use a hand sanitizer, avoid crowded places and/or avoid touching surfaces in crowded places. Increase water consumption if you begin feeling ill.

Proper breathing should be done from the shoulders, not the diaphragm. Several times a day, take a series of slow deliberate breaths - in through the nose and out through the mouth - inhaling fully and exhaling fully.

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