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If Doctor Says Disease Is Incurable, Find another Doctor Says Noted Naturopathic Physician

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Press release - May 20, 2014

If Doctor Says Disease Is Incurable, Find another Doctor Says Noted Naturopathic Physician

A Positive Attitude Is Indispensable in Curing Disease Reports Theresa Dale, PhD and ND

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If a doctor says that a health complaint or disease is incurable, that should be a cue to begin looking for another doctor. That was the recommendation of Theresa Dale, noted Naturopathic Physician, during a recent interview on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show. The reason for this recommendation, according to Dale, is that a positive attitude is indispensable in curing disease. Dr. Dale believes that with a combination of a healthy lifestyle, sufficient daily water intake and a positive mental attitude, every disease should be curable.

Theresa Dale, PhD, DN, C.C.N., N.P, is Dean and Founder of the California College of Natural Medicine and President of the Wellness Center. Dale also hosts a radio show on the Health Network. She has healed herself of uterine tumor, the skin disease tinea albicans and radiation poisoning from Chernobyl

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Theresa Dale was interviewed by show host Sharon Kleyne on May 19, 2014.

One's health, according to Dale, is almost totally up to the individual. To have a healthy body, one must work towards creating a health body. If a doctor tells a patient they are going to die, says Dale, that doctor clearly cannot be of help and the patient should look for someday else. In other words, get a second - or third - opinion.

When a doctor says they can't help, according the Dale, they immediately burden the patient with negativity that can make the problem even worse. Even when the physician lacks a medicinal or surgical cure, a good healer should be able to provide guidance and education about healthy living, dehydration and water intake, a positive attitude and self-healing

To support Dale's assertion, Kleyne cited an experience she had while working with the American Cancer Society. Kleyne noticed that cancer patients with the most positive attitude were most likely to get well. Patients with a poor or defeatist attitude, according to Kleyne, recovered less often, even when their cancer wasn't as bad as the cancer of a more positive patient.

Dale and Kleyne agreed that they both could cite dozens of examples of using a positive attitude and refusing to take ownership of a disease to achieve self-healing. Kleyne has an employee who was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus, a precancerous condition that could be arrested but not cured. The employee immediately changed doctors and made a conscious effort not to allow the disease in his body. The new doctor could find no trace of the Barrett's Esophagus that two previous doctors had biopsied and positively identified.

According to Kleyne, she employed techniques nearly identical to Dale's program, to cure herself of angina.

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