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Tea Drinking and Health

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January 23, 2012

New Education about Tea Drinking and Health from the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water

John Wuiff of Roundtable Tea Talks about Ways to Drink Tea and the Health Benefits of Tea

Hear Sharon Kleyne's interview with John Wuiff on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes

Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio talk show, recently interviewed John Wuiff of Roundtable Tea Company in Medford, Oregon. They discussed the health benefits of tea, kinds of teas, and various ways to drink tea. The interview may be heard on-demand on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes.

Sharon Kleyne has long advocated tea drinking on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water as one of the few ways to adulterate water and have it remain beneficial. Education about tea drinking meshes well with the show's mission of education regarding all aspects of water and health.

Mr. Wuiff explained that Roundtable Tea Company is a recent startup. "Roundtable" is a single word because it is intended to describe a sharing of ideas rather than the shape of a table.

According to Mr. Wuiff and Sharon Kleyne, tea drinking can be traced back at least 5,000 years and beverages brewed from the Camellia sinensis plant are the most widely consumed in the world. In Europe, tea brewing was originally practiced as a way to purify water (by boiling). Boiled water with tea was far healthier than consuming water by drinking beer. Coffee as a water flavoring is too strong and it is difficult for the body to extract the water. Juice and soda, as water flavorings, contain excessive sugar and/or chemicals.

The primary benefit of tea is hydration - supplying the body with water. Tea drinking also reputedly helps the body fight cancer. Tea is believed by some to be beneficial in detoxification of the body, regulating free radicals and controlling plaque in the mouth. ..

Sharon Kleyne recommends loose leaf tea because it is stronger, purer and more nutritious, and you can re-boil it. She also suggests watering plants with leftover tea. Mr. Wuiff suggests a tea candle rather than a tea cozy to keep tea warm.

Roundtable Tea offers catered tea tasting events and tea parties. Sharon noted that tea drinking is often very ritualistic, with a pleasant, relaxed attitude. Roundtable offers only the best "true teas" - white, green, black, red and oolong), blended teas (Earl Gray) and herbal teas. British breakfast tea is mostly black tea.

According to John Wuiff, one of their most popular teas is "Rooibos," an herbal tea made from a plant native to South Africa. Rooibos is sweet and contains no caffeine. Green tea has become extremely popular with white tea moving up. White and green teas are less processed than black tea.

Some Chinese teas are pressed into cakes and aged in caves before brewing. Kombucha is a fermented tea.


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