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First Aid Breakthrough for Eye Injuries has Saved Vision and Lives

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April 12,, 2012

Bio Med Wash® First Aid Breakthrough for Eye Injuries has Saved Vision and Lives Says Industrial Safety Expert.

Safety Expert Lee Down, of Western Safety Products, Canada, Discusses Bio Med Wash® and Emergency First Aid for Eye Injuries on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water

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"Many lives were lost during the September 11, 2001 attacks because people had dust and fumes in their eyes and couldn't see to get out of the buildings. Traditional first aid safety eye wash stations, had they been available, would have offered little help because they require flooding your eyes for a full 15 minutes, after which your vision is blurred for several minutes."
Sharon Kleyne

On April 2, 2012, Sharon Kleyne talked about industrial eye injuries, eye first aid and emergency eye wash stations on her Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio talk show. Her guest was Lee Down, occupational health and safety expert for Western Safety Products of Canada, a distributor of industrial safety products. Western Safety designs and maintains safety and first aid programs for industrial clients and constantly evaluates new and innovative safety products.

The conversation focused on "Bio Med Wash®," a hand held emergency first aid device for eye injuries developed by Sharon Kleyne's Bio-Logic Aqua Research (a sponsor of Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water). Western Safety is the sole Canadian distributor of Bio Med Wash®.

Instead of a utilizing a steady-stream water flow or a chemical formulation, Mr. Down explains, Bio Med Wash® employs an all-natural sterile water spray expelled from a sealed, pressurized, hand-held container. The spray has been found to flush out irritants more quickly and naturally than other emergency eye wash systems.

"In our evaluation of Bio Med Wash®," says Mr. Down, "we found the product safer, easier to use and far more convenient than other first aid safety eye wash products. Bio Med Wash doesn't cause blurred vision or discomfort, can be applied while walking or running and may be safely handed off to other individuals without compromising sterility."

According to Lee Down, because Bio Med Wash® is faster and more comfortable to apply, workers are more likely to use it for eye discomfort and minor eye injuries instead of just for major injuries (Sharon Kleyne observes that workers who immediately wash out their eyes are less likely to rub them, and rubbing can quickly aggravate a minor injury).

Bio Med Wash® safety eye wash stations, says Mr. Down, start at less than $20, compared to hundreds of dollars for most conventional systems, so more eye wash stations are likely to be installed. Bio Med Wash® may be purchased as individual seven-ounce canisters, two-canister eye wash stations or 15-canister eye wash stations. There is also a three-ounce holster unit. Bio Med Wash® has a four-year shelf like and doesn't require periodic inspection.

At industrial sites where Bio Med Wash® is readily available, reports Lee Down, eye injuries usually go down and the cost per injury goes way down. This includes Canadian oil fields and mines, and numerous factories.

The natural tear film covering the eyes exposed surfaces, Mrs. Kleyne notes, is 99% water and in an emergency, sterilized natural water is ideal to flush, cleanse and restore. However, too much water can cause blurred vision and a painful reaction called "osmotic shock," and distilled water is not natural to the eyes. Saline solution can be heavy, dehydrating and cause stinging and is a less effective solvent than natural water. Chemically formulated safety eye washes can cause blurred vision and are also not natural to the eyes.

Bio Med Wash®, says Mrs. Kleyne, utilizes a carefully engineered spray rather than a continual fountain stream. The spray contains only Bio-Logic Aqua Research's trade secret, all-natural, pH balanced, Bio-Logic Aqua tissue culture water.

Lee Down and Sharon Kleyne agree that Bio Med Wash® is an important new emergency first aid alternative for eye injuries that has saved vision and lives. To learn more about Bio Med Wash® and see a demonstration, go to

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