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Benefits of Double Helix Water

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January 30, 2012

New Discoveries about Water Properties and the Benefits of Double Helix Water Reported on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water

David Gann Talks with Sharon Kleyne about Water Research and the Application of Stable Water Clusters

Hear Sharon Kleyne's interview with David Gann on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes

Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio talk show, recently interviewed physicist David Gann, about the properties and health benefits of Double Helix Water. The interview may be heard on-demand on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes.

David Gann is co-founder of D and Y Laboratories. His partner, Shui-Yin Lo, PhD, conducted the breakthrough water research that discovered Double Helix Water 18 years ago.

Dr. Shui-Yin Lo discovered that with platinum ions as a catalyst, at extremely high dilution, water entered into a previously undiscovered phase. Some water molecules clustered into minute particles or double-helical strands that formed a solid at room temperatures. These particles were named, "stable water clusters," or, commercially, Double Helix Water.

According to David Gann, water research has discovered that Double Helix Water can be effective in "waking up" or stimulating the body's T cells. T cells are blood lymphocytes manufactured in the thymus gland in the chest that attack and destroy invading substances such as toxins and viruses. T cells are critical to the body's immune system. T cells produce cytokines that are templates for the production of antibodies.

Mr. Gann noted that human DNA is 35 million years old and is passed alive from one generation to the next. Human survival as a species is a reflection of battles fought and won by our DNA. DNA remembers every battle ever fought and expresses this through T cells (that's why a traveler from the future could go back in time without being exposed to unfamiliar viruses, but a time traveler from the past who went to the future, would quickly become ill.

Aside from containing stable solid clusters, Double Helix Water is extremely pure; 10,000 times purer than distilled water. Double Helix water will not conduct electricity. When ingested, Double Helix Water is quickly contaminated by body fluids, especially salt. When exposed to air, Double Helix Water combines with CO2 to form carbolic acid, the same substance that dissolves out limestone caves.

Double Helix Water has a neutral pH of 7.0. The water is considered safe to ingest and could be a precursor to nucleic acid, the basis of DNA because it eventually forms double-helical strands. David Gann believes that Double Helix Water also energizes the "qi," which is the theoretical flow of energy in the body along "meridian" lines, that is the basis for acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Sharon Kleyne and David Gann had a discussion about patenting, noting that in general, water cannot be patented. In Sharon Kleyne's experience, an innovative water application is patentable. Gann noted that every mechanism in the body would cease to function the instant water became unavailable. Sharon repeated her often expressed belief that far more research is needed into water properties, behavior and benefits. .


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