What is in our Tap Water?

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January 17, 2011

What is in our Tap Water?

Lono Ho`ala (Woodland Park, CO), expert on the drinking water supply. "All about reverse osmosis and water ionizers."

Lono was adopted as an adult by a Hawaiian priest and now lives in Colorado. His training is as a biochemist and as a physician but he cannot in good conscience practice Western Medicine. His special interest is in nutrition education, noting that it's a field with much fear mongering. His book, Don't Drink the Water has sold well for decades.

Lono states that while water is essential, it is also essential to drink good water. Fluoride is especially dangerous because it compete in the body with iodine and mimics estrogen, which can cause cancer and brittle bones. Children who grow up on fluoridated water have a lower IQ and boys tend to be less masculine. There are anti-fluoride filters.

He has very low regard for ionizing filters to purify water. They are very expensive, can be dangerous and are in appropriate for drinking water. The problem is that in running an electric current through water tends to concentrate heavy metals, lead and arsenic, bot of which ar extremely toxic.

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