Tips to Save and Improve Vision

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April 18, 2011

Tips to Save and Improve Vision

Marc Grossman, O.D. (New Paltz, NY), optometrist and author, "Be proactive in improving your eyesight."

Dr. Marc Grossman is an optometrist from New York specializing in natural health and healing as they apply to eyes and vision. He is author of Natural Eye Care - An Encyclopedia (McGraw-HiIl, 1999).

Sharon Kleyne and Dr. Grossman discussed treatment versus prevention. They agreed that in the United States, people tend to rely on treatment after the fact rather than taking proactive diet, nutrition and lifestyle measures to prevent disease.

Dr. Grossman noted that in China, they view every part of the body as affecting every other part of the body so that disease never has a single cause or cure. Even if you cure the disease, the imbalance that lead to it may still be there. Dr. Grossman is a strong advocate of integrative medicine and natural healing but is not against surgery or formulated medication.

There is a prevailing belief in some alternative medical philosophies that the "eye is the window to the soul" and that you can determine the state of a person's health in considerable detail by examining their eyes ("iridology"). The eyes also reflect emotional health and stress

Sharon Kleyne discussed dehydration and dry eye, noting that dehydration begins at birth and because the air is usually too dry, it remains a constant battle throughout life that ends at death. She also notes that eyes are the only part of the body's exterior not protected by skin. She discussed Lasik surgery and the need to make sure eyes are well hydrated and free from dry eye disease prior to surgery and after surgery.

Dr. Grossman agreed that many eye diseases are related to dehydration and that the first step in improving one's diet is to drink more water. He also recommends, above all, cutting back on sugar, which "heats you up and dries you out." Sleep is also important.