Taking responsibility for your health

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January 17, 2011

Taking responsibility for your health

Patricia Dean-Escoto, MA (Bear, DE) Holistic Nutrition Educator and WTR show host. "Top ten superfoods for preventing breast cancer."

Top ten cancer prevention superfoods: Tomatoes, blueberries, reed cabbage, red beets, spinach, garlic, whole wheat, oranges, strawberries and beans:

Ms. Dean-Escoto has been studying lifestyle, nutrition and health for ten years. She is a nutrition educator with emphasis on cancer prevention.

As a breast cancer survivor, she did not like conventional treatment. She had the surgery but not the chemotherapy or radiation. Using a car analogy, she talked about the importance of top-notch fuel and iil for a smooth running, long lasting vehicle.

Ms. Dean-Escoto does not ascribe to a particular diet but recommends eating close to nature, with plenty of exercise, sleep and water. She suggests, for starters, eliminating high-carbohydrate and highly processed foods. She notes that cancer is estrogen sensitive and that some food additives cause an overproduction of estrogen or mimic estrogen in the body.

Ms. Dean-Escoto also makes her own household cleaning products, mostly with vinegar and lemon. Soaps and cleansing lotions are dehydration and can be toxic to the body. She also suggested more frequent bathing to eliminate toxins. Sharon recommends baths, followed by a quick rinsing shower.

Regarding household water quality - she suggests a whole house filter because chlorinated water is not good for you. Bottled water is good but plastic isn't (mimics estrogen).

Sharon noted that the solution to most symptoms is almost always a symptom treating drug and that the public always looks for "quick fixes" to compensate for lazy health habits.

A rule of thumb for vegetables is that they be grown closer to home and eaten in-season.

Ms. Dean-Escoto is very high on vegetables in the cabbage family for cancer prevention: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, arugula, cauliflower, red cabbage and while cabbage. She is also high on juicing (carrots, beets and spinach) - but not in lieu of pure water.

Don't cook with olive oil because heat changes it. Add later, after the food is cooked.

Red meats should be avoided or minimized. Grass fed or free range animals have less growth hormone and medication. Corn feed can be highly genetically modified.

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