Sailing Around the World

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February 28, 2011

Sailing Around the World

Robert Weir (Kalamazoo, MI), author and environmental journalist. "Tall ships, racing yachts and other adventures."

Robert Weir is a journalist, writer, lecturer and biographer of Earth Day founder John McConnell. He recently returned from a four-month, around the world sailing trip involving three ships.

Weir sailed across the Atlantic on a tall ship that carried passengers who also work on the ship. He also sailed in a racing regatta on the Aegean Sea (Greece), with Bulgarian cadets. And he rode aboard a freighter from Germany to Russia.

He likes sailing because it forces you to "go with the flow" of the environment (in this case, wind and water) and learn to read it. It is also extremely challenging and there is a thrill in reading it correctly.

Mr. Weir believes that "peace is not the absence of war but constructive coexistence with other people, the ecosystem and the planet."

Mr. Weir also sails on Lake Michigan, which he considers excellent physical, intellectual and spiritual exercise. He always sleeps well on the water.

The trans-oceanic ship had a doctor, the regatta ship did not. Drinking water was carried in a large water tank.

Weir also attended a wedding in India, noting that not only is the water often unsafe in India, but you should also be careful about eating raw foods there.

There was some discussion about the move of the original Earth Day in the 1970's, by Senator Gaylord Nelson, from the spring equinox to two weeks later.