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Refined Sugar and Proactive Health

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November 22, 2011

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water and Dennis Buckley, DC Announce New Findings on Refined Sugar and Proactive Health

Refined Sugar, Water, Prescription Medicine, Diabetes, Computers, Diet and Dry Eye

Sharon Kleyne Talks with Dennis Buckley, DC, President Emeritus of the California Chiropractic Association, on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes and Twitter

Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio talk show, recently conducted an informative interview with Dennis Buckley, DC, of Pasadena, CA, President Emeritus of the California Chiropractic Association. The topics were refined sugar, prescription medicine, diabetes, computers, dry eye, water, diet and proactive health.

The interview may be heard on-demand on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes and Twitter.

The interview began with prescription medication. Dr. Buckley noted that in 1991, 40% of Americans took daily prescription medication. The number in 2012 is expected to reach 50% (See M. Kirschner, MD, All Medicines are Poison, Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Nov. 8, 2010).

Dr. Buckley and Sharon Kleyne agreed that many people are becoming too lazy to change their lifestyle and would rather take a pill. Costs (and profits) are skyrocketing in the $300 billion a year pharmaceutical industry.

Acetaminophen causes asthma and adult acne, and autism is a frequent side effect of anti-depressants taken during pregnancy. Sharon Kleyne noted that dehydration and dry eye are frequent side-effect of prescription medication.

Regarding refined sugar, most people reach for a sugared soda or coffee when feeling sluggish when all they really need is a drink of water. Refined sugar causes a spike in blood sugar that can cause stress, insulin resistance, dehydration and kidney problems. It is projected that 552 million people will have diabetes (a disease related to blood sugar), by 2030.

Dr. Buckley observed that 90% of health is a result of lifestyle and only 10% is genetic. He suggests "four steps" to good health:

  1. Follow a moderate, nutritious diet
  2. Get enough sleep (at least seven hours a night).
  3. Exercise to keep muscles and organs toned and lubricate joints.
Pay attention to hydration (drink enough water daily).

A healthy diet, according to Dr. Buckley, contains fruit, vegetables, whole grain, beans and plenty of water, with no processed foods and very little meat. Whatever you eat, you need to digest and eliminate. Probiotics, which augment stomach an intestinal flora, can be helpful.

Dr. Buckley much to say about computers, which can cause serious health issues including carpal tunnel syndrome, gout, sleep disorders and computer eye strain (dry eye). The biggest issue is sitting for too long (inactivity) and poor posture. Inactivity can lead to obesity, joint problems and numerous health problems.

When you are tired at the end of the day, says Dr. Buckley, it could be mental exhaustion. He suggests a 20 minute walk as soon as you get home.

When working at a computer, Dr. Buckley suggests frequent breaks that include walking around - outside if possible. The chair should be ergonomic, not allowing you to slouch, and you should look slightly down on your screen to prevent computer eye strain and dry eye.

Sharon Kleyne recommends frequent drinks of water from a wide-mouthed glass (so it contains more oxygen). She also suggests keeping Nature's Tears® EyeMist® by the computer and misting the eyes frequently to prevent dehydration.

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