Preventing and Reversing Eye Disease

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May 2, 2011

Preventing and Reversing Eye Disease

Lorraine Day, MD (San Francisco, CA). Trauma surgeon, author, lecturer and cancer survivor. "A proactive approach to wellness."

Dr. Day tells a dramatic story about having cancer and facing disfiguring surgeries and harsh chemotherapy. As a medical doctor, she concluded that most medical doctors know very little about true wellness and causes of disease. She decided, with her cancer, to become proactive and not rely on doctors beyond examination and diagnosis. She believes that most medical treatment is symptomatic rather than holistic and she believes that most medicines are poisonous.

She suggests that many doctors are invested in keeping us unwell and during training, they tend to be greatly rewarded at every level for not questioning the establishment.

Dr. Day believes that there are ten laws of health that are absolutely immutable and above debate. There are described in her book.

The first step in wellness is to realize that all animal based foods (including meat, diary, fish and seafood) promote cancer. So do refined and processed foods, especially high sugar foods. Dr. Day noted that sunlight does not cause skin cancer and that in 1900, people spent 75% of their time outdoors and nobody got skin cancer.

The answer, of course, is diet, nutrition and lifestyle, which is especially important in light of our changing and ever less healthy environment. Dr. Day is a vegan and does not eat processed foods. During her cancer treatment, she refused radiation, chemotherapy and mastectomy. She also worked on her attitude, got more sunlight and exercise and worked hard to lower her stress level and blood pressure.

She also drank more water since you lose ten glasses of water a day just by standing around. Caffeine makes this much worse as do many medications. Energy drinks are especially bad.

Regarding exercise, you can reduce your risk of breast cancer 66% by exercising four hours a week. Among many benefits, exercise improves waste elimination and stimulated peristalsis in the colon. It also improves circulation.

Dr. Day is now cancer free.

Dr. Day did not talk about eye disease, although natural eye health is one of her interests.

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