The Politics and Legal Aspects of HealthCare.

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June 6, 2011

The Politics and Legal Aspects of HealthCare.

Mark Davis, MD (New York NY), Author and medical lobbyist. "Lawyers and health Care."

Davis, M, MD, Demons of Democracy, CreateSpace, 2011

Dr. Davis and Sharon Kleyne discussed a wide range of health related topics, beginning with the political. He is opposed to Obamacare, which he views as Socialism and a government attempt to ultimately control all access and financing of medical care. The cost overrun, Dr. Davis belies, will be immense and access will be less than predicted. Romneycare isn't much better.

In Obamacare, there is a moratorium on hospital construction and radiology centers (a new imaging scanner can cost a million dollars). With more people and less available care, access will have to be limited. Right now, in the US, you can get an MRI on demand. In Canada, with its socialized medicine, there is a 12-week wait. Greater government means greater cost.

The Japanese have a workable system of public and private medical care.

Dr. Davis notes that the Obamacare law was mostly written by attorneys and not medical practitioners. The bill is extremely complex and requires lawyers to interpret.

Medicare, says Dr. Davis, is potentially workable but is being eaten up by criminal activity, fraud and overcharging. In Obamacare, Medicare is diverted to other programs.

Dr. Davis also has a diet book. He is a vegan who eats eggs. He is an advocate of the "Millennium Diet" which emphasizes water and protein for more complete metabolism and elimination of waste. See