Measurable Body Frequencies to Restore Health

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March 7, 2011

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Measurable Body Frequencies to Restore Health

Eric Pearl, D.C. (Los Angeles, CA) Chiropractor, healer, author, speaker. "Reconnective and Energy Healing."

Pearl, E, DC, The Reconnection - Heal Others, Heal Yourself, Hay House, 2003.

Dr. Eric Pearl is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine who works with "body energy channels." He claims to have had an epiphany in 1993. He was in bed and a light suddenly came on and he sensed that there was somebody else in the room. Seven of his patients later reported similar experiences on the same day. Those patients reported a heightened ability to "feel his hands before he touched them."

This did not relate to anything he'd studied as a Chiropractor but appeared to have many beneficial applications. He believes the key is to transcend his ego and not employ this as a "technique."

Dr. Pearl no longer practices Chiropractic and devotes his time solely to teaching this healing touch application to others. He uses his hands to facilitate healing in himself and others with no surgery or chemicals. He will use it in conjunction with standard medical practice because he feels it enhances and does not negate. The objective is total healing and the satisfaction of helping others.

During the three day seminars he teaches, participants will see physical responses to their hands and experience a heightened "state of knowingness." He claims the art is not difficult to learn and that you become super-aware without intense teaching or visualization.

Dr. Pearl has not done follow-up studies on the long-term effectiveness of his therapies. The cure is usually instantaneous and applicable to people in all countries and all age groups.

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