Lifestyle, Joy and the Meaning of Life

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August 1, 2011

Lifestyle, Joy and the Meaning of Life

Seth Chernoff (Boulder, CO), author and cancer survivor. Seth discusses his book, Manual for Living: Reality, A User's Guide to the Meaning of Life.

Chernoff, S, Manual for Living, Spirit Scope Publishing, 2010

Sharon discussed the strong link between dehydration (not drinking enough water) and stress, and also between stress and Cancer. She studied this I depth 30 years ago. Hydration is essential to stress reduction, health and fitness and dehydration begins at birth and continues through life.

Seth Chernoff was a successful corporate manager when he developed cancer twice. He notes that you can't avoid the inevitable but you can be proactive, learn as much as you can and solve obstacles to health. Control what you can and focus on what's really important.

Chernoff's second cancer episode transformed him. He realized that healthy or not, his mental attitude was out of balance. He simplified his life, began exercising more and studying diet and nutrition. He reduced stress where he could. He also began drinking a lot more water.

The main emphasis, according to Mr. Chernoff, should be mental attitude and not hard and fast rules. His personal metabolism likes a little meat. The important thing is to listen to your body and seek happiness and fulfillment within, not without. People can give you good advice but you must filter it and be motivated to take action.

How did Chernoff change his lifestyle? First, he attempted to tone down the internal noise and chaos. He was able to reconnect with life and find joy. Most people, he observes, are here by default and do not appreciate or enjoy their lives. Second, he figured out that he could control and what he couldn't and to not concern himself with things he couldn't control. Finally, he let go of the need to justify himself - he freed his mind and drew closer to his family.

Mr. Chernoff today is in the business of writing and promoting his own books, including doing many interviews and answering e-mails.