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Health Care Crisis: Organic Herbs and Teas

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January 3, 2011

Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water Ūshow of January 3, 2011

Health Care Crisis: Organic Herbs and Teas

Randy Buresh (Sandy, OR), founder of Oregon's Wild Harvest, a biodynamic farm, "The role of organic herbs and teas in health and Wellness."

Randy has been involved with organic faming, herbs and teas in Sandy, Oregon (east of Portland), for 18 years. He is concerned about the overuse of pharmaceuticals and very interested in herbal medicines, teas and whole-body health.

He is an advocate of "Biodynamics," organic farming, Rudolph Steiner and the Waldorf Schools. He believes that a farm is a living entity that reflects the farmer.

In his farming, Randy has developed a series of "props" to increase microbial life and atmospheric relationships in his crops, to make them healthier and more beneficial. He is interested in dryland farming with no irrigation because it forces the grower to follow the rhythm of the seasons, local microenvironment adaptations and the phases of the moon (a full moon pulls up ground water just as it pulls the tides).

Regarding herbs: They are plant material only and also foods (synthetic vitamins are not foods). To be healthy, you need nutritious foods, a variety of herbs and teas, and plenty of water. Randy believes in taking only whole food nutritional supplements.

Regarding bitters - they are used in Europe to stimulate the palate and digestion. They include parsley, ginger and anise. All plants stimulate digestive enzymes. Every person has different water and food needs.