Coping with Radiation from Japan

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April 18, 2011

Coping with Radiation from Japan

Winston Kao (Clearwater, FL), soils expert and owner of Natural Plus Plus, LLC. ."Air, soil, food and radiation."

Winston Kao is interested in the effects of soils on food, nutrition and health, on the theory that healthy soils yield healthy food. He believes that there are few really healthy foods available in the United States today, containing truly high density nutrition. A good salad, he explains, should be smelled throughout the house.

Kao is not a vegan and does not believe in eating only raw vegetables. He is an advocate of fresh, dark green vegetables, locally grown and preferably eaten raw. He is concerned about nanotechnology permanently changing the particle structure in foods so that their impact becomes unknown. He is an advocate of "heritage foods."

Regarding Japan, Mr. Kao talked about radioactive iodine and cesium. He observes that iodine supplements will not help protect against absorption of radioactive iodine and that most Americans are iodine deficient. Iodine and iodine and both found in seaweed and, to a much lesser extent, in chlorophyll (another reason to eat vegetables).

Obviously, you will react more to elevated radiation levels if radiation is high to begin with. Radiation can affect dehydration and health. Niacin can be very helpful (but not niacinimide).

We are subject to more radiation than you might think and it is mostly harmless.