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Computers, Health and Computer Eye Strain

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December 12, 2011

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water Interviews Adetutu Ijose - Vital Information about Computers, Health and Computer Eye Strain

Education about Proactive Health, Computer Related Health Symptoms and Computer Dry Eye

Hear Sharon Kleyne's talk with Adetutu Ijose on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes and Twitter

Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio talk show, recently interviewed Adetutu Ijose, of SOG Consultants, about computer eye strain, computer related health issues and proactive steps to avoid computer health problems.

Adetutu Ijose has 20 years experience in computers and information technology and suffered a life-threatening illness as a direct result of her computer use. She is a prolific writer, with provocative titles such as Eyes, Vision and Computer Use; Computer Related Health Conditions; Cyber Bullying; Computer Use Addiction and Withdrawal; Global Epidemic: Human Abuse of the Computer; Allergies, Asthma and Computers; and Computer Induced Stress.

The interview may be heard on-demand on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network, Apple iTunes and Twitter.

Sharon Kleyne and Adetutu agree that computer use can lead to numerous physical problems, many involving the eyes and tear film. Insulated walls and windows, and fluorescent lighting can also cause health and dry eye problems. Symptoms include dry eye, headaches, sore shoulders and stress. Sharon noted that there are hazards in many professions, such as harvesting in a field or piloting an airplane, and you should always be proactive in protecting yourself.

Adetutu explained that in her case, computer eye strain and dry eye led to numerous other health problems that eventually became life-threatening. Doctors could not correctly diagnose the problem until they were able to trace it back to dry eye and computer use. Adetutu believes that because computer use is unnatural to the human body, especially the eyes, one symptom can set up a chain of symptoms resulting in a health breakdown.

Computer eye strain and dry eye symptoms can begin after only two hours on the computer. If you already have dry eye due to another cause (as 50% of the population does), the chances of developing computer eye strain are even higher. Adetutu notes that 53 million people in the US use PC's, either for work, personal use or both, and 35 million use the Internet. She adds that video games, TV, Nook and Kindle, and iPhones and iPads also cause computer eye strain because they all involve looking at a screen.

Sharon observed that carpal tunnel syndrome, weight gain, lack of exercise, poor sleep and stress can also be caused by computer use. If you drink sugared drinks instead of water, the effects are magnified.

Adetutu recommends that the computer environment be as natural as possible with some outdoor air. Computer use drastically reduces they eye's reflexive blink rate (because eyes do not recognize light from the computer screen as bright). You need to make a conscious effort to blink, take frequent breaks, and keep your face and eyes humidified (less blinking results in greater tear film evaporation).

There was a discussion of neurotransmitters, a group of chemicals that enable the transmission of nerve signals (either excitatory or inhibitory). Normal light, according to Adetutu, simulates neurotransmitter activity and thus, normal body functioning. Computer light does not stimulate neurotransmitter activity and tends to deplete the body's neurotransmitters.

Computer use by children, with their developing brains, should be carefully monitored. If you child uses a computer, pay extra attention to their growth and development, especially their vision. Regular eye exams are critical. Also, make sure they drink enough water and limit their sugar intake.

Adetutu recommends washing the face in the morning because moist, healthy skin transmits light better. She recommends preventing or alleviating dry eye by humidifying the skin around the eyes with water that is pH balanced and biocompatible with the skin's natural pH, which is slightly acidic (5.5 to 6.5).

Ms. Ijose praised Nature's Tears EyeMist as the only available natural water mist for the eyes and the only available dry eye product with the correct, skin compatible pH balance (6.49). Sharon reiterated the importance of supplemental eye humidity when working at a computer, noting that even the humidity in the air can become polluted and that personal, hand-held humidifying devices for eyes and skin are increasingly important to proactive health.

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