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Water Quality in the New York Bight

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August 16, 2010

Cindy Zipf (Highlands, NJ), Clean Ocean Action. "Water quality update on the ocean surrounding New York Harbor."

Cindy is Executive Director of and Although their focus is the ocean near New York City (called the "New York Bight"), they recognize that the oceans are interconnected and that there is really only one ocean.

The New York Bight is an eco-region of the continental shelf fed by numerous rivers and containing many underwater canyons. The bight shelters fish, corals, etc. The bight's primary river is the Hudson (a "bight" is a coastal indentation not deep enough to be a bay).

The bight is located at the northern edge of the Gulf Stream and the southern edge of the Labrador Current. Because of this ecological overlap (called an "ecotone"), there is a huge proliferation of species - 25 species of whale, four seals and five sea turtles to name a few.

25 years ago, the bight contained eight oceanic dump sites. Most are now closed down.

Cindy's program works with schools to get the children near the ocean ("wet and sandy"). This is a very urban area with much to learn and explore and many white sand beaches.

Of particular concern is the horseshoe crab, which is abundant in the region but its numbers are shrinking despite being one of the oldest species on Earth. Its blood is irreplaceable for testing viral vaccines.