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Sulfur Rich Foods for Endurance and Beautiful Skin

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October 11, 2010

Thienna Ho, PhD (San Francisco, CA), nutritionist and author of: Cooking On The Light Side: Smart Recipes for Bright Skin and Vitality.

Thienna Ho is a Vietnamese "boat person" whose family fled the 1972 Communist takeover in a small, over-packed boat, amid heat, vomit, urine and five pirate attacks. They had to dump most of their food to keep the boat afloat and survived by drinking rain water. Her boat landed in Indonesia after five days but some boats drifted for a month. She was 12 when she came to the United States.

Her interest is alternative health and her particular interest is molecular biology and skin health. This came about because of her own problem with uneven, blotchy skin. She ended up with a PhD, studying skin pigmentation - and she solved her own skin issues through the use of sulfur compounds.

Sharon supported the idea of using your own intelligence and initiative to solve your own problems rather than relying solely on doctors.

Dr. Ho said that the sulfur compounds also helped her with energy and endurance. She became an athlete and recently set a Guinness Book of World Records record (for lifting 90,000 pounds in one hour - she weights 97 pounds).

The main this Dr. Ho discovered in her study of skin pigmentation and skin nutrition is that prevailing medical knowledge can be wrong!

She has discovered that sulfur (and plenty of water) are critical to skin health. Sulfur springs were sacred to the ancients. Ancient athletes ate raw onions and garlic (which are both sulfur rich). Sulfur also helps the skin and joints and lessens the chances of athletic injuries.

Sulfur is the body's third most abundant mineral after calcium and phosphorous (not carbon?). Your body contain 1/3 of a pound of sulfur and it is in every cell. Sulfur is the body's "garbage collector" that neutralized toxins, and your body cannot manufacture it.

Many popular drug compounds can drain your body of sulfur.

Thienna eats eggs, meat, fish cabbage, garlic and onions for sulfur. Chicken breast is the meat with the most sulfur but fish may be polluted. She also recommends beans, oats/oatmeal and raw vegetables (sulfur is destroyed by cooking). Yogurt and milk are also sulfur rich, as are almond and soy milk. She advises against sautéing in oil because it can produce carcinogens. She suggests sautéing in water and adding oil or broth later. Steamed (not boiled) veggies are OK but garlic should be eaten raw. Brazil nuts are very sulfur-rich. Baby salad greens are higher in sulfur than mature plants. Spinach is not high in sulfur, arugula is, broccoli is when young.

Water cress removes tobacco toxins.

Sulfur helps with cholesterol regulation and diabetes, and is required for insulin manufacture to covert carbohydrates to energy. Most human bodies contain over 350 chemical pollutants and sulfur helps cleanse that.