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Rainforests in Oregon and Washington

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August 23, 2010

Art Bernstein, MS (Gold Hill, OR), writer and naturalist. "Temperate rainforests."

Art, a frequent guest, talked about his upcoming book for Falcon Press, called Best Easy Day Hikes - Eugene, Oregon. There was a discussion of the high number of trail around Eugene and the transition in the region from coastal climate to coast range mountains to inland valley to the volcanoes of the High Cascade Mountains.

This touched off a discussion of temperate rainforests, which are found in areas of the Oregon Coast and "semi-rain forests" occasionally found in wetter areas of the Cascades.

There was also a discussion of the Western Ghat Mountains of India (the "spine of India," along the western coast), which also has rainforests, as opposed to the quite arid interior plateau and Himalayas.