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Making Your Way through the Medical Minefield

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November 8, 2010

Making Your Way through the Medical Minefield

All Medicines Are Poison!

Melvin H Kirschner, MD (Granada Hills, CA), physician and author. "The state of the medical system in the U. S. and how it can be fixed."

Dr. Kirschner worked for the California Health Department checking the drinking water supply and concluded that it was terrible! He is 84, started in public health and then moved to Family Practice medicine.

The doctor's primary concern is formulated medications, which he believes are over-prescribed, have too many side effects and are essentially all poisons. Sharon and the doctor agreed that we must be proactive about medications and not take automatically take everything that is prescribed. This involves self-education, informed decision making and seeking a natural cure before a formulated cure.

That is the also purpose of Sharon's new website.

Sadly, there is much false information put out, mostly advanced by the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Since natural remedies tend to cost far less than prescription drugs, you'd think insurance companies would love them. But apparently, they do not.

All medicines are poison: They have side-effects and are not natural to your body's system. According to Dr. Kirschner, they do have their place. However, before ingesting medication, we must evaluate whether the risk and side effects outweigh the consequences of not taking the drug. AND THE FINAL DECISION ON THAT SHOULD NOT BE UP TO YOUR DOCTOR, IT SHOULD BE UP TO YOU!

People tend to ignore certain side effects. It is important to know what the side effects are when you start a drug and to quit taking it immediately if they begin to develop (consult your doctor first, of course).

With a severe infection such as the 1918 flue epidemic, medication can be invaluable. The flu killed one out of five people it attacked in 1918. However, in 2010, flu deaths are rare, unless you are elderly, in poor health or have lung problems. In 2010, influenza vaccines are also causing health problems and you need to decide whether the side effects are worse than the flu.

Hand sanitizers can also protect against flu. So can opening the doors to public places with your elbow.

Many diseases are caused by diet or lifestyle and people are then given drugs to cure or control them. This includes diseases associated with obesity, excess sugar and fat intake, smoking, lack of exercise, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc.

Health care in the United States is ranked only 37th in the world and 49 million people have no insurance and don't go to doctors. When they do, they go to the emergency room, which is outrageously expensive and does not practice prevention.

Diet recommendations: eat less fat, less meat, more fish and more veggies. Eggs can be problematic and should always be cooked through (hard boiled or fried).

The California medical marijuana program, Dr. Kirschner believes, is a huge failure. It permits too many people to use marijuana legally, of which only a small fraction derive medical benefits.

How to take care of yourself: Everything in moderation; drink plenty of pure water; eat a variety of foods; limit fat intake; don't smoke and don't drink alcohol.