Water for Life

Show Summary - April 13, 2009

Guest: Lynn Hardin

Lynn Hardin (Oklahoma City, OK), Integrated Solutions, Inc., "Dr. Emoto and the International Water for Life Foundation"

Lynn Hardin has been involved with Dr. Emoto and the International Water for Life Foundation since 1992. They teach the philosophy that water is a "living species" that can mirror our moods and state of health. This is of great importance because the brain is 80% water, the body cannot live without water and every cell contains mostly water.

The Hopi and most other faiths attach great spirituality to water and religious rituals intended to "keep the water happy." If the water is happy and in balance, the body, mind and spirit will be in balance.

The Water for Life Foundation philosophy brings together Western science, Native American religion and other spiritual practices such as Buddhism to accomplish this.

Their ultimate message: Go with the flow and be positive, and the water will be happy!

Categories: Health and wellness; water and philosophy